INFJ personality types are the rarest in all of Meyer's Briggs. We make up only 1% of the population, followed closely by INTJs who make only 1.5%. Being introverted and sensitive to everyone around you is already hard enough. On top of that we are probably the weirdest people you will ever meet because we are walking contradictions most of the time. Here are 10 struggles that most INFJs face on the daily:

1. Overthinking anything and EVERYTHING

We are complex creatures that can easily turn into balls of tension and anxiety as we worry about everything there is out in the world. To the extent that sometimes we just lose touch with reality for a bit. Oh and if we worry about you it means we care.

2. We tend to obsess over things.

Maybe that's why it always takes us forever to clean. Desks like this make us happy.

3. We might snap sometimes when things aren't perfect.

Ergo, letting things go is SUPER hard.

4. We get overwhelmed with secondhand emotions.

INFJs are super empathetic and are highly sensitive to other people's emotions, especially people they care about. Plus there is that innate desire to help anyone with their problems and we are very sensitive about wanting to help you too.

5. We are people pleasers.

We want your attention without wanting to try and get your attention. Learning how to actually say "no" and mean it is a challenge most of us face on the daily. We often start to neglect our own needs above others because it's easier to give up on ourselves than other people.

6. We tend to kinda, sorta, word vomit everywhere.

INJFs are constantly oscillating between sharing super vague things or being to open about themselves. Oh and we will almost always apologize for it later.

7. Our constant need to better ourselves is kind of exhausting

We are always aware that we aren't at our full potential and that for some reason is unacceptable. Our brains don't shut off when we ask them to, so we're constantly barraged with thoughts about what's wrong with us.

8. We create the highest standards for ourselves and people and it becomes the struggle of life.

We not only expect the best of ourselves but the people around us as well. Rachel gets it!

9. INFJs are frequently mistaken for being extroverts.

Enough said.

10. There is an actual thing called the "INFJ Door Slam."

The door slam means that we cut you out of our lives because you are causing us too much emotional distress. We hate doing this to people, but we will if we absolute have to.

With all that said there is no denying that the world needs people like INFJs and regardless of what anyone says: