10 Struggles of College Students

There are many struggles that many college students go through! For me these are the ten that we most commonly struggle with:

1. Money.

Most college students can relate to this. We are all broke little college kids in a giant expensive college world. The truth is some of us get a little help from our parents and some of us are completely independent but either way at the end of the day we are super broke!

2. Waking up for class!

I thought for a while this was a personal issue but now I see that it's actually a pretty common problem. It's so hard to wake up for class and make it there on time. Hence why I stop scheduling 8 AM classes.

3. Making Friends!

As a freshmen of a transfer student making friends could be difficult because you're in a new environment and you have to put yourself out there and make friends. It can be challenging!

4. Keeping up with the fam...

Family has always been a priority of mine but sometimes we lose track of those things that are most important! So sometimes you have to remember to step away from your friends and remember your family. Those are the people who have been A1 since day one!

5. To party or not to party?

Partying is a part of college culture but sometimes we have to think about whether partying is worth the grades and the time or is it not. Can you balance both? Some people can some people can't!

6. Having a Love life!

Some people think of college as the perfect opportunity to find their perfect spouse material. Some people just want to have fun. A lot of people just go with the flow! And that's okay. College is not about love or finding love it's about getting an education. Don't try to force it, if it happens it happens.

7. Keeping Up with the Joneses

One of the best things about going to a high school where there was uniform was that kids didn't have to feel like they were less than because they didn't have certain things that others had. Well with college there is no uniform but don't feel pressured to have what the next person has because most people don't care. College is way more chill!

8. Getting Involved!!

A lot of people who transfer from their first institution transfer because they weren't involved at all. Being involved is a big deal and many people struggle with it. Whether you're involved in clubs, sports or Greek life it's best to get involved somewhere. That's how you make connections and get into school spirit. If there's nothing you like create your own!

9. Time Management!

Time management is a big issue for most of us college students. It definitely is for me. I have to keep up with class,cheer leading, clubs and The Odyssey itself. But if I can do it you can do it. Multitasking has never been my thing but trust me you will get the hang of it just like I did!

10. Personal Growth.

Personal growth is a struggle for many college students. The person you are freshmen year is not the person you will be by the end of your senior year, or even your sophomore year. This scares many people but don't let it scare you. Embrace it. You're growing for the better, you're maturing and that's what is so beautiful.

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