10 Steps to a Happy and Healthy College Lifestyle
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10 Steps to a Happy and Healthy College Lifestyle

10 Steps to a Happy and Healthy College Lifestyle

College is hard, and keeping yourself healthy both physically and mentally is a lot more challenging than you may have imagined. So, as we reach the final stretch of spring semester, keep in mind that your health should be a priority. Use these steps to help keep you happy and healthy as we countdown to finals week!

1. Get off campus.

Every once in a while you need to expand your horizons. Go out to eat to a place far from campus. Go to the movies with some friends. Do something outdoors if the weather is nice. For example, go on a hike, to the lake, have a picnic or just go for a walk in a park.

2. Be social.

One of the easiest ways to get in an unhappy rut is to stop being social. No matter how stressed out you are, you need to be with people. Take some time off from studying and go hang out with friends. Even if it's something as simple as grabbing coffee in between classes, human interaction is one of our most basic needs and catching up with an old friend is sure to put you in a good mood.

3. Get some sleep.

Most of us are guilty of staying out way too late on weekends or spending half of the night in the library. Sometimes we pull all nighters and try to make up the lack of sleep by napping throughout the week, but every one in a while it's good to stay in and get a full 8+ hours of sleep.

4. You can only study so much.

When it's 4 o clock in the morning and you're still studying for an exam you have at 9:40, you've probably reached the point where you aren't going to learn anything new and you should just go to bed. A good night's sleep is always the better choice, especially since cramming probably isn't going to get you that A+.

5. Go to campus events.

Try to get involved in your school and meet new people. Going to sporting events is a great way to make friends and be a part of the campus community. It also builds school spirit!

6. Go to class.

Skipping classes may seem like fun and not a big deal at first, but when you miss participation points and start to get behind it can really affect your grade. Even if you go and don't bother to take notes, at least be there so maybe you can absorb some information.

7. Take care of your health.

College students don't have time to be sick. There's too much work and play to be done to be stuck in bed for a couple days. Be sure to take any prescribed medications regularly and take a multivitamin to boost your immune system. With so many students and community living, keeping yourself healthy isn't easy. Don't drink after others (because Mono spreads like wildfire) and wash your hands regularly.

8. Go to the gym.

With the amount of stress that college students are under it's important to have a way to blow off steam. Exercise will clear your mind and even help you focus better in classes and on homework. Going to workout may seem like the lowest priority during a busy week, but your guaranteed to feel better afterwards.

9. Stay organized.

Nothing causes stress like not being able to find an important paper in a pinch or accidentally forgetting to do a 50 point assignment. Keep all of your syllabi and make sure you know when things are due. Have a planner to stay on top of what needs to get done. If you know how much you have to do during the week you can take care of things in order of importance to keep stress to a minimum.

10. Always make time for yourself.

In a crazy busy world its easy to forget to make yourself a priority. Block out at least an hour a week to do something that you love, like reading or painting. Having a little "me time" every once in a while will help you unwind and will make you happy.

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