It's a new semester, and whether you're ready or not, here it comes. It seems to come in stages, and who better to explain these trying times than the wonderful characters on "Parks and Recreation?"

1. First, you feel confident, like Leslie Knope. YOU'VE GOT THIS.

2. The first day has arrived, and it's just going over the syllabus. Plus, you have a friend like Ann Perkins in your classes!

3. But then you actually have homework assignments. And like Ron Swanson, you are not about it.

4. And you realize very quickly that these classes were harder than you thought... And Andy Dwyer felt the same way when he started college.

5. You begin asking yourself, "Do I really need this class? Why did I do this to myself?" and like Ben Wyatt, you don't have the solution to helping the madness around you.

6. But the semester goes on, and somehow you survive! You get down to business, feel as motivated as Jerry Gergich, and you're actually starting to learn some things.

7. Then begins the long journey to the end of the semester. Chris Traeger would be heading towards that finish line at full speed.

8. Then, finals come along. We all know how we (and April Ludgate) would handle it.

9. Before long, finals are done! No sweat, right? Tom Haverford totally had it in the bag.

10. What time is it now, Donna Meagle?