10 Stages Of Bottomless Boozy Brunch As Told By Cute Animals
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10 Stages Of Bottomless Boozy Brunch As Told By Cute Animals

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10 Stages Of Bottomless Boozy Brunch As Told By Cute Animals
Town and Country Magazine

Bottomless boozy brunch is always a great time, and who better to demonstrate the stages we all experience during brunch than cute animals?

1. The pre-brunch excitement

You know you are ready for a long day of fun. With bottomless drinks and delicious food, you can’t wait to get to brunch.

2. Patiently waiting for your seat

Once you finally arrive at your favorite brunch spot you have only one thing on your mind and that is sipping on mimosas and eating. You can’t wait for the waiter to come by and take your order so that you can get started.

3. Arrival of drinks

The moment has come! Nothing has looked better than the perfectly poured mimosa or Bloody Mary coming your way. As soon as the drinks are placed on the table you get right to work. Of course you are going to make the most out of this bottomless brunch deal.

4. Food is served

A few drinks in and food has never looked better! You immediately dig in because there is no waiting.

5. Drinks start to hit

Not too far into brunch you start to feel the buzz. This is when you know that you are on your way to a successful brunch day.

6. Endless laughing

Eventually everything starts to become funny. You keep laughing at just about everything and are having a great time with your fellow brunch buddies. No hilarious brunch started out with drinking water.

7. Photos with the squad

Of course you must document the fun time you’re having at brunch with a squad photo. In fact, you may even have a little photo shoot. When you look back on these photos you’ll laugh at how funny they are and remember what a great time bottomless brunch always is.

8. Paying the check and figuring out the tip

When the check comes, you are a little upset that this great time has to end. The most difficult part about this phase, however, is figuring out how to split the bill and trying to calculate a tip. Those drinks are not on your side during this stage.

9. Leaving brunch

Although you are sad to leave, you know you had a great time. Now you just have to focus on walking straight and getting to your next destination.

10. Passing out for the rest of the day

As much as you think you’re going to be ready to go out again in a few more hours, chances are you are exhausted and will end up sleeping. As soon as you sit down there’s no turning back, you are done for the rest of the day.

Brunch never fails to be fun and these stages only show a taste of what a good time it is!

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