10 Songs to Help You Move on from Heartbreak
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10 Songs To Listen To When Getting Over Someone

"I think music in itself is healing." -Billy Joel

10 Songs To Listen To When Getting Over Someone

Heartbreak sucks. That's no secret. Sometimes it feels like you'll never heal and get over the person who hurt you. But you will. If I can, so can you. Whether you just went through a breakup or your crush rejected you, these songs should help you move on.

1) Ghost of You by Selena Gomez


"I don't think I'll ever break through the ghost of you."

This song helped me back in high school when I was struggling to get over someone I shouldn't have liked.

The message is a mixture of hopeless and encouraging. She doesn't think she'll ever fully get over him, but in the bridge, she recognizes that "one of these days" she will.

Sometimes the best way to get over someone is acknowledging how hard it's gonna be.

2) Gives You Hell by The All-American Rejects

This classic song has been around for a while. But that doesn't mean it's not still relevant.

It's fun to listen to when you want to vent some anger.

It's also encouraging to believe that you can get to a place where when you face your ex/crush, it'll hurt them more than it hurts you.

3) How Not To by Dan + Shay


Here comes Country! I'll be honest, I don't usually listen to country music. But, when it comes to heartbreak, country singers know their stuff! I admire that this song is grammatically correct (how not to instead of how to not). But I love it for far more than that.

This song is great to sing along to in the car when you're driving by yourself. In my case, I was rejected by my crush. But if you're trying to get over your ex, you might like the next part.

"I'll probably turn down your road. Knock, knock on your door. Fall back in your arms. Wake up in the morning hating myself and the way that I can't help the way I still want you. I just don't know how not to."

Admittedly, this song isn't very encouraging. It's more of an emotional release song.

4) i hate u i love u by gnash ft. Olivia O'brien


While the chorus of this song does a great job of showing the conflicting feelings we have after getting our heart broken, my favorite part is the rap by gnash. Specifically the second one. It's incredibly relatable.

The way I see it, it's about caring more about people than they do about you. That applies in more than just relationships, but in friendships as well. It's a painful feeling that intensifies heartbreak.

The important thing to remember is that you deserve better.

5) Miss Movin' On by Fifth Harmony


Sorry, guys. This one's for the ladies. Finally, an encouraging song! For when you get tired of crying out your feelings. This is about a girl who was broken by a guy and struggled to put herself back together again. She's becoming her own person, and that girl is Miss Movin' On.

When you're feeling heartbroken, you're gonna be tempted to believe lies about yourself based on how that guy treated you. What you have to do is speak truth to yourself. Remind yourself who you really are. Enough.

6) River of Tears by Alessia Cara


This is another emotional release song about crying yourself a river. She seems to be mourning the end of a relationship. She realizes that crying is part of the healing process. It's cathartic. She no longer cares what he has to say because she knows she doesn't need him anymore. Eventually, she builds herself a bridge and gets over him.

I agree that crying is part of moving on. You may not be a big cryer, and that's okay. But you've got to let your feelings out somehow. If you hold them in, they'll fester and get worse. Let it hurt. Then let it go.

7) Space by Maren Morris


This song is about putting distance between you and the person who hurt you. Some people can stay friends with their ex or their crush. But, for other people, it's difficult or even toxic. You have to decide what's best for you. I would suggest giving yourself a little space at least in the beginning. You don't have to completely cut the person off but take a step back.

In my case, I know I need space. This guy messed me up so bad that I'm honestly fine if I never see him again. I've cut off all contact. I even stopped going to the organization I've been going to for years. The place where I met him. The place where he met his current girlfriend. It's not just because of them. I had other problems with the organization. You don't have to go that far if you don't want to.

8) Stilettos by Kelsea Ballerini


Okay, girls! If you've ever worn heels, you know they aren't meant to be comfortable. But beauty is pain, right? Stilettos are a great metaphor for when you're in pain but have to pretend like nothing's wrong. You never let people see you limping or rubbing your blistered heel. You stand up straight and make it look easy.

That's what you've got to do when you're heartbroken. It's good to confide in a few people about your pain. But you certainly don't want to give the guy who hurt you the satisfaction of knowing he did. There's a chance he'd feel bad and even apologize if he knew. But I wouldn't count on it. Just go on with your life and make him believe that you're fine without him. Because guess what? You are.

9) You'll Think of Me by Keith Urban


Another country song! This one is about a guy who's trying to move on after his ex moved on with someone else. He wants to get rid of any traces of the relationship, which I think can be helpful. He tells himself that she won't be able to forget what they had. She'll think of him.

Instead of admitting how much you think about the person who hurt you, tell yourself that they'll be thinking of you even after you're over them.

They may have left a mark on you, but you also left a mark on them. You're not erasable or forgettable. You're permanent. Harness that.

10) Worth It by Danielle Bradbery

Yay! Empowerment! This song isn't specifically about heartbreak or moving on. It's about knowing your worth, and not letting anyone give you less than you deserve. If you don't know your value, you can't expect anyone else to.

You have to learn to love yourself before looking for someone to love you. This is so important. Your worth is not found in another person. You are whole and enough on your own. Wait for someone who knows that they don't complete you, but compliments you.

"She didn't need to be saved. She needed to be found and appreciated for exactly who she was." -j. iron word

To listen to these songs and more, check out my Spotify 'moving on' playlist.

All pictures made with WordSwag-images from Pixabay.

P.S. Once you've listened to these songs enough, you should stop. There comes a time when you have to forget about them, which you can't do if you're listening to songs that remind you of them. If you think the only thing keeping you from truly moving on are songs, turn them off. Get on with your life. Then come back to them next time someone breaks your heart.

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