10 Signs You're A Theatre Nerd

For those of us who are in love with the theatre world, there are certain things that you just know to be true whether you're a thespian or just a super fan of the arts.

1. Dance Numbers Happening Without Warning

Whether it's on the stage and even just doing simple everyday things, there are times where you can't help but break out the dancing moves and let yourself get carried away with the music.

2. Certain phrases send you off into singing certain Broadway tunes

You're having a normal conversation with friends when they unknowingly say a lyric from a musical score that makes you fangirl out of no where.

3. You know to never wish a performer good luck, always tell them to break a leg.

Telling an actor "good luck," will raise the superstition that they should only be told to "break a leg" in lieu of the common courtesy.

4. You just happen to know entire soundtracks to shows, NBD.

5. You know when you see the lights blinking during intermission you best get to your seats

Otherwise you run the risk of missing the second act, not to mention theatre etiquette.

6. You have the skills of the quick change down to a science.

7. You were aware of everything that was happening in Shakespeare (even the dirty jokes).

8. You know how many minutes there are in a year thanks to "Rent".

9. As well the extremely detailed life of Alexander Hamilton.

10. You can improv your way out of a situation when your mind has gone blank on your lines.

But most importantly you know the show must always go on!

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