It is that time of the spring semester again, the time when we are OVER spring semester. Spring break has come and gone, which means that we now have to finish the semester with no more breaks. The last half of spring break is beyond the worst part of any semester, it is so close to summer yet so far. For some of you it is the last thing standing between you and graduation. Honestly the only real spirt animal for us is our queen Khloe Kardashian. She relates so hard and is the only real person to describe how we all feel.

1. Literally the whole mood for the rest of spring semester

You keep just lying to yourself

2. Walking into class every day

3. Whenever a professor calls on you to answer a question

4. Literally whenever a professor talks to you in general at this point

5. Whenever anyone asks how the semester is going

7. When you have to do literally anything

8. Trying to hid in the back of the class so no one calls on you EVER

9. Trying to convince everyone that you can actually get through the rest of the semester

We all know its a total lie

10. The only thing getting us through spring semester and really every semester