10 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend
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10 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend

You were a cat lady before it was cool.

10 Signs Your Cat Is Your Best Friend
Rebecca Reynoso

You wear your fur-covered sweaters proudly in public, know that not just any brand of cat food will "do," and that your foot is more of a toy than any of the cute ones in your cat's toy box. People who have cats just don't understand the bond you have with your feline friend, and that's just the way you want it to stay. Meow!

1. You greet your cat with a high-pitched, happy "hello sweetie!" and ask how their day was after you get home from work.

And your cat responds with head-butts, kisses, and a whole lot of purring.

2. Privacy and personal space are nonexistent in your house.

Are you using the bathroom? Don't close the door - I have to stare at you! Are you making dinner for yourself? Well, where's my food?!

3. You refer to your cat by name when talking with your human friends.

"Oh yeah, Sandra and I watched movies all day yesterday!" "Who's Sandra?" "Oh, my cat."

4. You share safe foods with your cat.

If you're having rotisserie chicken, you're all having rotisserie chicken.

5. When you're not at home, you miss your cat and are curious about what they're doing.

I wonder if Muffin is having a good day. Is she eating enough? Is she sleeping? I hope she's not sleeping on my new black sweater. Damn it, Muffin! I told you not to sleep on my sweater. Aww, I bet she looks so peaceful sleeping on my sweater! I should bring her home a treat!

6. If you see a stray cat outside, you start talking to it in a baby voice and coax it to come to you.

And when the cat comes to you, you feel like Jackson Galaxy. New besties, am I right?

7. Your cat has 37 nicknames and responds to all of them.

Even though his name is Toffee, he'll come to you when you call him "honey," "fluffy," "cookie," "sweetie," and "Mr. Snuggle Pants".

8. You get irritated when you hear people say "cats are unfriendly" or "cats don't love their owners".

Have you ever actually spent time with a cat? Listen to those purrs! Look at those beautiful green eyes and how they softly blink at you! Clearly, these people have never had a cat love them. Their loss!

9. You and your cat share naps and sleepy time together.

You're not a fan of sharing your space with people, but when kitty is tired and you're in bed, your chest becomes the perfect spot for a night-long cat nap.

10. You spoil your kitty because they deserve it!

Thirty cans of their favorite food, a new scratching post, and a pack of new feathery toys later and you'll have the same cashier at Pet Supplies Plus asking "how many cats do you have?" even though you see her twice a month and you've already told her you only have one. Sorry, I like to spoil my cat, Susan!

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