When you go to college and meet people from all over the country, you quickly realize how many states are quite distinct and unique (for the best and worst). This usually leads to some teasing and joking amongst state lines. As a native Marylander there are plenty of stereotypes about the state. However, I figure if anyone should stereotype, it should be someone from the "Old Line State." So let's begin...

1. You know your way around a crab

2. You are somewhat knowledgable about the sport of lacrosse

3. You have at least one piece of clothing with the Maryland flag on it

4. You put Old Bay on everything (and yes I mean EVERYTHING)

5. Even when you're not in MD, and the national anthem is playing, you anticipate the crowd yelling "O!!!"

6. You take full advantage of student-night at Camden Yards over the Summer

6. You won't touch an out-of-state crab cake with a 10 foot pole

7. You proudly sport Under Armour apparel

8. You know the capital is Annapolis not Baltimore (cmon' people)

9. Summer is synonymous with a trek to Ocean City, Maryland (and yes memories are always made)

10. You consider Berger Cookies to be one of the best cookies in existence

11. You love to quote the Wedding Crashers scene which references MD (even I'm guilty of this one)

12. The National Aquarium will never cease to be cool

13. You know what "hon" means

14. You're familiar with Natty Boh (you either love it or hate it)

15. You're still bitter about the Colts leaving in 1984 for Indianapolis (I wasn't even alive for this one but yeah that's a low blow)

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