10 Signs You Have The Right Best Friend For A Good Night Out

Nothing like a night of clubbing to show you who your real friends are.

Friendship is something we all need and sometimes the simple things in life are really what can define a friendship. Let me tell you something, nothing tests a friendship more than a night at the club. You're probably thinking "That sounds ridiculous, but I'm intrigued.." Let me explain, going to the club can be stressful and sometimes exhausting but if you have a true bff by your side you literally have not a worry in the world other than that Fetty Wap song you hope the DJ plays.

You can count on your true BFF for all things that may happen on a night out:

1.Quizing you on your fake address

waiting in line is literally the most anxious time of your night and when you need a quick refresher a true bff will be there to make sure you know where you're not actually from. #not21probs

2. The dreaded "I have to pee"

You just got your drinks, your dancing and all of a sudden someone says "i have to pee." Without hesitation a true bff will treck all the way down a flight of stairs to the bathroom with you, no eye roll included.

3. "This is my jam."

A true bff knows when you're jam comes on and totally gasses you up about it, and obviously they better go in on the dance floor with you.

4. Snapchat that, and this, and oh yea everything.

Um, i hate to be that guy but if you get in the club a true bff better be snapchatting you, because she knows that mans you're trying to make jealous back at home is going to see it.

5. Instagram, duh.

Clearly, if you're in a lit club a fire Instagram is a necessity, any true bff knows that.

6. "Becky, you're cut off!!"

Everyone hates that point in the night but a true bff will know when youve had just a little too much to drink.

7. Still there to hold your extensions back tho!!

Any true bff will be there holding your hair back when you're on the verge of death, it's fact.

8. Heels are a death trap.

A true bff with either 1. swap shoes with you 2. let them be your crutch or 3. piggy back you. Heels suck and when you begin to wince in pain a true bff swoops in to save you from your agony.

9. Pizza at 4 am I'm down

Just spent all your money on vodka crans, well a true bff will buy your pizza for you at 4 am without a doubt.

10. Uber everywhere

Too drunk to figure out Uber or too scared to talk to the driver when he calls, your true bff has your back once again.

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