10 Signs You Were A One Direction Fan Growing Up

Do you remember getting collecting One Direction posters or getting notebooks with Harry Styles' face on it? What amazing times, right?

If you relate to these things then you might have had a little One Direction obsession. There are 10 signs that you were a One Direction fan growing up and still are.

1. Your bedroom pretty much looked like this.

2. You were that one person who would pre-order their CD and then also buy it on iTunes because you did not get fast enough.

3. You waited in line for hours just to see their movie.

4. You only received One Direction themed gifts.

5. That one favorite member stole your heart.

6. You knew every single lyric to every single song, better than you knew any other artist.

7. You spent all your money on One Direction tickets.

8. You almost died when you found out Zayn left.

9. Then you almost died again when they announced their break up.

10. However, you still have hope the boys will get back together someday.

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