As a camp counselor, I am more than relieved to finally have finished my last day of one of the most exhausting, tedious and overall difficult jobs a nearly 20-something-year-old college student can have. Summers are filled with crying and screaming children who suffer from separation anxiety, children who are extremely accident/injury prone and children rivalries.

99 percent of the time, you're ready to lose it, but there is that small 1 percent that keeps you coming back. It's an amazing feeling to know you made a difference in these children's lives. Being a camp counselor also showcases your leadership and communication abilities, and it's a great resumé booster as well. Here are 10 signs that you finished up just another regular summer as a camp counselor.

1. Once the last kid leaves, you actually feel the tears coming, and it hits that this grueling yet full of personal growth summer is over.

Me? Crying? Never. I think you're seeing things. You may want to get your eyes checked.

2. Even though there were some pretty troubled little ***holes in your group, you're actually gonna miss them.

OK, I guess I'll miss you... but just a little bit.

3. Leaving your favorite child is the worst of all.

Really close to actually kidnapping them and adopting them as my own, tbh.

4. You'll miss the bonding and jokes between all of your co-workers.

Who is gonna gossip about all the children with me now?

5. You get to swear all you want.

Wow, does that feel amazing?

6. You remember that you get to sleep in.

*head automatically hits pillow*

7. The end of camp means school is looming over the horizon.

The stress is real.

8. You actually get to hang out with people your own age.

Wait, so we actually get to go out instead of to a children's museum?

9. Now that camp is over, you don't know what do with your life.

Sleeping and eating are your go to.

10. You actually get to focus on yourself.

No more yelling at children when they're misbehaving, no more breaking up rivalries, no more parent phone calls...the list can go on and on.