10 Signs You Are A Villanova Wildcat
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Student Life

10 Signs You Are A Villanova Wildcat

V for Victory

10 Signs You Are A Villanova Wildcat

I grew up in Marlboro New Jersey, a small town in central Jersey. I was very much a Jersey girl. However, coming home over breaks, people have commented on how my mannerisms have changed since I left. I mean, I’ve transformed into a wildcat.

1. Confessions by Saint Augustine? I have it memorized

We all had to read it, but not just read it. We went over that book for weeks, the intent of every single paragraph indent was understood.


We got to a Catholic school, which teaches the Augustinian principles of Caritas, Unitas, Veritas. We take the worship of God very seriously, almost as seriously as our worship of Jay Wright. Every basketball game and in any dorm there is a picture of Jay Wright somewhere there. The name comes out of your mouth at least once a day.

3. Pledge Rides, Yeah I have the number

Villanofun? I think not. You wanna go to Beta or Phi Sig? I mean Pi Kapp is having something too, I can text and see if I can get a ride.

Oh, I got a text back, we have a 10:00 ride.

Every weekend restart and repeat.

4. Cova? Spit? Conn?

Hands down Spit is the best dining hall on campus, but nothing beats a Cova burrito bowl. But, Conn chicken fingers just do not compare. As long as we are not eating at Pit, everything will be okay.


Every single day, Villanova’s campus is flooded with the blue and the white (and vineyard vines). We represent our school and we do it proudly. Every basketball game is crowded with people dressed from head to toe in the blue and white.

6. Do you like this Vineyard Vines shirt better or this Patagonia?

Walking around campus, those are about the only shirts you see. Honestly, I don’t know why they don’t sponsor Villanova.

7. It is three weeks into the semester, how did I run out of points?

Whether it is sparket, holy grounds,or second story, points go by incredibly fast. But, there are no regrets on holy grounds iced coffee.

8. Villa(hoe)vas/ Villa(bro)vas

Check every student’s social media, it will be a caption at least twice.

9. 4th-floor Tolentine? I’d rather cut off my finger

Climbing up the stairs of Tolentine leaves you with no breathe and lingering soreness in your quads. You either take a minute outside the classroom to catch your breath or you walk into class about to pass out from lack of oxygen.

10. Final Four? Eh, no big deal

We live, eat, and breathe basketball. It is a school of hard-core fans for our basketball team. Win or lose we are wildcats. V for Villanova and V for Victory.

We bleed blue and white. Let's go Cats!

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