I feel like the older I have gotten, and the more time I have spent with my grandma, the more I am turning into her. The little things I have once made fun of her for doing, I now am seeing myself do. Here are 10 signs you are turning into your grandma:

1. You are constantly criticizing your friends' driving and hollering at them when they speed.

2. When you go to bake something on a cookie sheet, you put down a piece of tin foil first.

3. You start carrying Altoids in your purse or car.

4. You start carrying an extra pair of flip flops in your car incase the ones you are wearing break.

5. You begin shopping at TJ Maxx, Martin's, and Target.

6. When ordering food, your order is becoming more and more complicated. Instead of ordering a tea, you are now ordering a tea with extra ice, two Splendas, and lemon.

7. You begin hoarding napkins in you car.

8. You have started taking interest in different brands and scents candles.

9. You now are making conversation with any and everybody that you see.

10. You start off a conversation with, "Did you see on Facebook where...".