When you were younger, you might have thought you would spend your 20s traveling around the world, or living in New York spending all of your free time in a coffee shop (or maybe that was just me)...

Yet when you finally reach your 20s, you realize you're broke and most likely still living at home.

Being 20 is like being in purgatory. Too old to be a teenager but too young to be considered an adult.

These are the 10 tell-tale signs you are in purgatory, my friend.

1. You couldn't care less about the gossip said about you.

All those comments you hear behind your back roll off of you as if you were covered in butter. Besides, you already know how fabulous you really are.

2. You become excited to do absolutely nothing on the weekends.

You realize that there is no better relationship than you and your couch. Don't even get me started on Netflix.

3. You fear checking your bank account.

Some how all of your money gets sucked out of your bank account. You either spend it on food or bills, and no matter how much you try to save it, money is tighter than Harry Styles' jeans.

4. You constantly get asked about your non-existent love life.

You would rather jump off a cliff than go to family dinners because you don't want to explain to your family that you aren't dating anyone. Then, to top that, you get the advice from your weird single uncle. Yikes.

5. Dating becomes ten times harder.

For some reason it seems that there are no single people your age. Either everyone is in a relationship, or way out of your league. Now you realize why all those dating websites were made.

6. You kick the fake friends out of your life.

You realized most of your friendships were based on seeing them on a daily basis rather than actual friendship.

7. You start to think that new music sounds horrible.

Enough said.

8. You have to balance work, school, and social life all on one plate.

Looks like feeling stressed and overwhelmed is common in your twenties. Also feeling like you are carrying the whole world on your back. Sometimes your day could feel like you really are in The Hunger Games.

9. You're too cool to be old, but too old to be cool.

You don't know your adult status. You are either too old to be a teen or too young to be considered an adult. I guess we are practically an overgrown 12-year-old.

10. You are 100% annoyed by teens.

Why do 14-year-olds need an Instagram? Why is there so much giggling? You realize how glad you are that those years are behind you.