10 Signs That You are a True Loman
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10 Signs That You are a True Loman

Let's talk about those Point Loma stereotypes we all know and love.

10 Signs That You are a True Loman

Point Loma Nazarene University, sometimes known as "The Naz," is home to about 2,500 undergraduate students...total. So let's just say that "small" is an understatement for this school. But despite its size, PLNU is loved by all, probably due to the fact that it is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean, it's in the heart of San Diego, one of the prettiest cities in the country, and "winter" here actually consists of high 50s and partly cloudy in mid-January (and that's on a bad day). Anyone who is lucky enough to attend this gorgeous school, also knows about the unique culture that it holds. So without further ado, let's talk about those Loma stereotypes that we all know and, deep down, love. Here's 10 signs that you are a true "Loman."

1. You own an Eno hammock and you're not afraid to use it.

You and each person in your crew have one and it's the ultimate squad goals moment when you all go to your favorite ocean-side tree and watch the sunset together. Your eno travels with you and is a part of you. You always have it just in case you find that perfect spot or if you suddenly get that feeling, you know, the one where you absolutely have to hammock immediately, yes that feeling.

2. You basically eat, breathe, and sleep surfing.

If you're that guy/girl who wakes up early every morning, not to go to class, but to "shred those gnarly waves dude", then you're a Loman for sure. Most of your free time is spent either surfing or checking websites for the best time to go surfing that day. Your surfboard is your most prized possession and the ocean is your motherland. Rain or shine, surf is always life.

3. If you're a guy at Loma, then chances are, your hair is prettier than mine.

Out of the booming population of guys at Loma (cue the sarcasm), probably about 65 percent of them have long, luscious hair. I'm talking shoulder length, bleached by the sun and prettier than all of my hopes and dreams. Combine that with the perfect beach bod, the glowing tan and the above average surfing skills, and you've got every girl's dream. And don't even get me started on the man buns.

4. You own a skateboard, a long board or a penny board. Or all three.

For most Lomans, there is no such thing as "walking to class," your board is your transportation through those super fun hills that dominate the entire campus. Everyday you weave in and out of cars, you fly over the thousands of speed bumps that Loma has and you hope to God you don't break your entire body riding down Young hill. It never leaves your side, partly, because you don't have to walk, but mostly because, let's be honest, it makes you feel super cool.

5. Rainbows are your year-round go-to.

At Loma, "El Nino" could be going on outside and everyone, guys and girls, would still be in their favorite Rainbow flip flops. Let's ignore the fact that they give you blisters for the first, like, year of owning them, but hey, they look sick so they're totally worth the $60, right?

6. You definitely own a hydro flask, or five.

Honestly bro, are you really even drinking water if you're not drinking it out of a hydro flask?

7. You either have the voice of an angel or slay at playing guitar (or both).

Basically, everyone here is musically inclined in some way or another, it's actually kind of ridiculous. So most likely, you are either super talented and everyone knows it, or you're a closet Mariah Carey just waiting for your moment to shine. Either way, you go Glenn Coco!

8. You like to eat acai and you like to take pictures of yourself eating acai.

Let's be honest, you could eat acai for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you would still be craving it the next day. The obsession is very real, and everyone knows it because of your super original and hip pictures that you take every single time you go.

9. Two words: Pata. Gonia.

Here at the Naz, we like to wear all things Patagonia because it resonates with our adventurous souls. Am I right or am I right?

10. Live. Love. Loma.

Last, but not least, you are a true Loman because you actually love everything that is "the Naz." The cool people, the unbelievable view, the perfect weather, the beautiful city, and of course, the great community is why, deep down, you wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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