Okay,I admit it I have a problem. Yes, I am addicted to makeup. I love getting new products and trying them out. I love going and spending hours upon hours in a make-up store. Here are some helpful tips to figure out if you to are addicted to make-up.

10. You love the look of a clean unused palette.

There is just something soothing about an undipped into shadow or blush that makes the world seem right and so wrong to actually disturb it

9. You get an adrenaline rush when you see a makeup aisle.

Just look at all the beautiful products waiting to be bought.

8.Your makeup bag looks like a small purse/suitcase.

And yes I do need all of it to travel with.

7. Contouring is a sport.

Oh, you don't like your face structure. that's fine I'll just fix that with some help of contouring.

6. You constantly look for dupes.

Because you would go broke buying all the High-end products you want.

5.You become your friends personal make-up artist.

And you are fine with it because it means you can keep buying more products.

4. You have those tride and true makeup gurus on YouTube you trust.

Tati Westbrook is one of my personal favorites. She tries out those really really high-end things that you are like " are they worth the type?"

3. Your stash looks something like this...

And that's just one drawer of it.

2. Your brush collection looks like this...

You love brushes and how they feel and love getting new ones.

1. But at the end of the day we really don't care that we a have a problem because at least we look good.