10 Signs You Know You're Done With College
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Student Life

10 Signs You Know You're Done With College

Who else is done with school?

10 Signs You Know You're Done With College

Welcome to the end but not quite the end of the semester! It's that time of year when you're going through a phase that every college student goes through.

1. Wot in lack of motivation?!

It is that time of year when absolutely nothing motivates you. Getting out of bed is a struggle. Simple tasks in life are dreadful. When you're 100% NOT motivated, everything is harder to do.

2. You test your ability to make one drop of soap last for a over a week.

Seriously, though. Money is tight, and soap is the last thing you want to waste precious money on. So you use a pea size of shampoo to cover your jumbled up mop; that's just how it goes.

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3. Wot in sleep deprivation?!

Nap time is your best friend. You wake up and go back to sleep. You sleep between classes even if there is only 10 minutes. 3+ hours of sleep, and you can still sleep all throughout the night.

4. Food is your only thought.

Eat. Eat. Eat. All you want to do is eat. Consumption turns you into an animal. No one better mess with you when you're studying for finals and you're hangry!

4. Wot in procrastination?!

Putting off studying is your forte. Netflix replaces your studying time. Online homework is turned in seconds before it's due. 5-12 page papers are written at 3 am the day it's due. No cares are given.

5. The Sniff and Shrug method is your new way of life.

Sniff your shirt on the floor. Shrug because it either doesn't stink or you don't care if it stinks. Laundry is so time-consuming, you just don't do it anymore. What's the hurt, right?

6. Wot in donation?!

Bank account? What bank account? Oh, you mean that thing that has like -$13.00 in it? Yeah well, I've tried to ask my mom for money, but that doesn't work anymore. Do you have any money? I just need a dollar for the vending machine?

7. Patience? Does that even exist anymore?

Why do I have to study? What can't I just get an A? You've gotten to the point where you are aggravated with the vending machine being too slow, the pizza delivery being late, and the walk to be bathroom being too long.

8. Wot in caffeination?!

Coffee isn't working anymore. You need something stronger, but that doesn't exist. 5-6 cups a day isn't healthy!!

9. Question: Is this career path even worth it?

About 2-3 times a day this question arises. You think about changing your major or even dropping out completely.

10. Wot in GPA calculation?!

Do I even need to caption this? We all know...

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