1. You still talk to people that you went to elementary school with.

These are the people you grew up with and the people you graduated high school with. The faces you see in kindergarten are the same faces you’ll see for the rest of your life.

2. When people ask where you’re from, you just mention the nearest Metropolitan city to your home town.

No one has ever heard of your town, anyway.

3. You fully expect to run into at least 3 people you know when you’re going out.

Everywhere you go- the grocery store, the post office, the gas station- you’re bound to run into somebody.

4. Plans for Friday night include walking around the nearest Walmart.

There really isn’t much else to do so you have to make your own fun somehow.

5. It's a normal thing to get caught behind a tractor on the road.

It made you late to school countless times, but at least your teachers could relate.

6. Your teachers always call you by your sibling’s names.

In a town that's small, there’s no doubt that they’ve taught at least one of them.

7. Friday nights revolved around what sports team was playing.

Friday nights were dedicated to football and winter was dedicated to basketball. Every Friday in fall the entire town will be their repping the team’s colors.

8. You and your friends just drove around at night blasting music because there was nothing else to do.

With no destination in mind, you know the town like the back of your hand. So many memories were made just by driving around.

9. It’s a big deal when a new restaurant opens up in town.

When you’ve had the same restaurants for your entire life, there’s no doubt that it will become the newest hang out spot among your peers.

10. Everyone talks about leaving but once you’re gone, you know you’ll miss it.

Whether you like it or not, it’s the place you were born and raised and it will always be home to you, no matter where life take you.