Many pet owners view their fur babies as members of their family, but some take it one step further. This article is dedicated to those owners who feel my struggle.

1. You worry when they sleep all day.

Some of us cat moms may forget our four-legged children are nocturnal, but it's only because we want to spend as much time with them as possible! "Honey, do you think she's sick?"

"No... She's just nocturnal."

2. You get separation anxiety when you have to leave them to go to class.

And nothing makes you feel like more of a bad cat mom than when you get back and they decide to give you the silent treatment.

3. You check to see if they're still breathing while they're in a deep sleep.


Oh wait, they're just sleeping really soundly.

4. Your cat's vet knows you by name because you're always calling them in panic.

Vet: "Oh, I see. So, lemme guess. He swallowed another button?"

5. You can't lie. You've left your cat a voicemail before.

Because we don't want our cat getting lonely, of course. We just want them to know that we're here in spirit!

6. When they look comfy, you definitely don't want to move them--even if you really need to.

7. When your cat isn't feeling well, it's all you can think about.

You just want your little baby to feel better!

8. It doesn't bother you when people call you a "crazy cat lady."

I mean, to you, they're your children.

9. Though hanging out with people is fun, you'd much rather be hanging out with your cat.

What's a Netflix binge session without a cat to lay all over your laptop?

10. Above all, no matter how much money you spend on them, whether it's on toys, food, cat treats, or vet appointments, you don't care because you would do anything for them.

Because they're the best part of your day.

Dear Reader,

If you're a crazy cat lady like me, I wish your cats a long and happy life.

--From One Concerned Cat Mom to Another