Once Upon a Time in September, I was a naive little freshman wandering through the pearly gates of college in search of further education. From the good, the bad and the ugly, college is definitely something that takes some navigation, yet as the end of the semester quickly comes to a close and final exams loom closer (YIKES), it's easy to reflect back on the past three months and note everything that I've learned from August to November. From the good, the bad and the ugly, college is definitely something that takes some navigation, yet

1) College ISN'T Easy!

A lot of times we’re not necessarily prepared for the difficulties associated with college. By ‘difficulties’ I don’t necessarily mean coursework or tests and essays (although, let’s admit, those are pretty decent brainkillers) but also things you don’t expect: living with a roommate can be tough, making friends can be tough, classes can be tough and more importantly, having freedom can be tough.

2) Prioritizing is Key

The time between the beginning and the end of the semester is broken up by quizzes, tests, final exams, important essays and, hopefully, your social life. Basically: if you’re not on top of your homework, studying and outside reading, you’re probably going to screw yourself over.

3) How to Deal with Alcohol

Not that you should be drinking at all if you’re under 21, but, um...this is college and it’s an issue you need to deal with.

4) College Isn't Always Exciting

While you can definitely push yourself to be busy by joining organizations, clubs, or even going Greek, you should also be prepared for the repetitive daily routine you will grow to have. It’s somewhat of a let down, but college tends to revolve more around studying, Netflix and ramen over constant activity.

5) You Don’t HAVE to Go to Class (But You Really Should. . .)

You might be in love with your bed right now, but you won’t be loving it as much when you cry in your pillow about low grades and failed classes due to lack of attendance or low grades. Ergo, go to class!

6) How You Study Most Efficiently

Maybe it’s better for you to study your brains out in your room, or maybe it’s better for you to journey to the library for a few hours and isolate yourself until the job gets done. Either way: studying will become your life, make sure you know how to do it well.

7) The Types of Professors You Learn Best From

Professor’s all have their own method of teaching: some are very straightforward in their approach to lectures while others hate giving directions but force you to write a ten page paper without any instruction. When it comes time to choose your classes for the second semester, ratemyprofessor.com will probably be your favorite website so you end up with perfect classes.

8) Switch Professors When You Still Can

On my first day of Philosophy I knew I’d be miserable but told myself to be stubborn and persevere. Although I’ve managed to make my way through the class, it’s hard not to think about any number of interesting classes I could have taken to fill my time rather than staring at the clock and begging for it to move faster.

9) The Need for Command Hooks!

Nothing’s worse when you have something awesome to put up in your room or on your door than when you don’t have a command hook to do it with!

10) It’s Okay to Be Scared and Not Have Everything Figured Out

As a freshman, you may be expected to know your major and career path as soon as you start college. Some students might have a clear idea about what they want to study, but other students might need a little time and guidance to really figure out what they want to do in life. About 80% of college students end up changing their major at least once, so don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure what career path you’d like to pursue. You’re in good company!