10 Secrets to Happiness
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10 Secrets to Happiness

From the Pope's Perspective

10 Secrets to Happiness
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From the Pope’s Perspective

December 17th, the 80th birthday of Pope Francis. As I read the devotion for this particular day from The Little Blue Book: Advent and Christmas Seasons, today’s focused on the Pope’s 10 Secrets to Happiness and I knew I could relate.

“Live and let live, that is the first step towards peace and joy.”

Who doesn't want peace and joy in their lives to find complete happiness. Truly living in a mindset, which I believe several of us strive for daily, to savor the moment and just be.

Give oneself to others.

To do as Jesus did, serve others. It is no surprise that serving others made the Pope’s list. Serve to be part of something bigger than yourself.

“The capacity to move with kindness and humility, the peaceful oasis of life. Old people have this wisdom, they are the memory of a nation. And a nation that does not look after its old people have no future.”

Plain and simple: care for your elders. Set aside time in your busy schedule to spend time with grandparents and the elderly. Even if we think, we know best; they sure have lived through a lot more than we have, there is a good chance that can provide words of wisdom.

Play with children.

Children radiate happiness. Spending time with my three-year old Godson, makes me laugh continuously, just watching him explore, his imagination runs wild and I can truly see he is happy.

Spend Sundays with Family.

I cherish Sundays with my family, going to Mass and lunch at my grandmas. In today’s society we can easily lose touch of the simple pleasures. Sunday quickly turns into the day to scramble and get things done to start another workweek.

Help young people find employment.

I thought this was interesting to see this on the Pope’s list to find happiness, however I do agree. There is a strong sense of accomplishment in becoming a mentor and role model. Helping individuals through their career development is one aspect of my current job that I find very rewarding.

Look after nature.

Nature and wildlife are extremely important to our world. I think our generation has made tremendous efforts to preserve nature for future generations. Our mindset to recycle is just a simple solution that I believe makes an impact.

“Quickly forgetting what is negative is healthy.”

Personally, I approach this as teaching to not holding on to negativity and realizing it isn’t healthy. Negativity will happen, it is the nature of life; however learn to not dwell on those moments.

Respect those who think differently.

Accepting others morals and beliefs, can be challenging. After attending Catholic Mass for the entire 24 years of my life, I have recently had the opportunity to attend a variety of Christian worship services. I have become more open minded and understanding during participating and worshiping in a new way.

Actively seek peace. “Peace at times gives the impression of stillness, but it is never stillness, it is always an active peace.”

This speaks for itself.

Every day challenge yourself to find happiness. Create your own 10 secrets to happiness or use the Pope’s as an outline and a starting point.

Be Your Best Beautiful Self!

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