10 Resons Aubie Is Better Than Santa Claus

10 Resons Aubie Is Better Than Santa Claus

One of the most prominent members of the Auburn family and a rich part of our history.

Every school in the nation claims to have the best mascot out there, but with nine UCA National Championships to show for, Auburn fans get to say this and mean it. If you've been to a game, on campus, or to some Auburn function you have more than likely seen the token tiger in all his might. With a heart as big as his fanbase, Aubie is always on the job when it comes to boosting morale, promoting spirit, making people smile, and stealing the show. Here are just a few reasons as to why our mascot beats the Merriest Man of all when it comes to owning our hearts.

1. He's year round.

You don't have to wait all year for a one night window in which you get a visit from your favorite tiger. You can catch him year round attending sporting events, visitings schools, and spreading the Auburn spirit.

2. His fashion sense is amazing.

While he looks best in orange and blue (kind of like Santa sticks to red) Aubie can rock outfits from all walks of life. His game day attire is always up to date and he looks great in whatever look he tries out.

3. He doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice.

Aubie doesn't care if you pitched a fit because your brother ate the last breadstick at dinner last night or if you cheated on your math homework. If you send love his way he'll return it and he is down for a picture any day.

4. He's multi-talented.

He can do it all. Play football? He's got it. Play Soccer? He can do it. Dance like a madman? He can do that too. His list of talents goes on forever and odds are if you need something done, Aubie is your guy.

5. He has no chill.

Don't get me wrong, he is super classy but he is also up for some friendly competition. Don't cross Aubie if you're from the opposing team because he's sure to put you in your place.

6. He's patriotic.

Just like all the men and women of Auburn, Aubie takes the time to give credit where credit is due. He is always willing to thank the men and women who fight so hard to keep this country safe.

7. He keeps up with current events.

He is always up to speed on the newest trends and the newest music. You can believe that Aubie is well versed is Twitter slang and he can hit the Dab or the Quan on cue.

8. His charm.

If you're a female Auburn fan you know exactly what I'm talking about. You see him walk in and you find yourself overcome with excitement. You feel giddy when he gives you an acknowledging head nod and when he agrees to take a picture. He instantly steals our hearts and we all know if we could, we'd take Aubie over any boy any day.

9. You don't have to leave Aubie milk and cookies

All you have to bring this big guy is your gleaming smile and he'll accept you with open arms. He never expects anything in return. Our mascot is constantly taking time out of his day to make the day of others.

10. He doesn't need nine reindeer to drive him around.

No, Aubie has about 20,000 loyal student fans to carry him along his way. We're always behind Aubie encouraging him to be the best he can be.

Not only does Auburn have the mascot with the most skill, we have the mascot with the most heart as well. He is always taking the time to reach out to the little kid lost in the crowd, stop for a picture with alumni and current students, or lend a helping hand. He truly encompasses the Auburn spirit and we are so so lucky to have him.

Cover Image Credit: http://www.auburn.edu/student_info/student_life/aubie/images/media/medium/05.jpg

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Sometimes, people get annoyed when girls refer to multiple people as their "best friend," but they don't understand. We have different types of best friends. There's the going out together best friend, the see each other everyday best friend and the constant, low maintenance best friend.

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Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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To My High School Self, There Are Some Things You Should Know Before You Grow Up

College isn't always what it seems, girl.


If a miracle occurs and you can read this before you go to college, please do, and if not, this is the perfect excuse to let some thoughts out. High school may seem bland, boring, and lonely, but you'll miss it sometimes. Yes, college can be great, and you meet some awesome people, but it is harder than anything I have ever done. That doesn't mean to not attend college but to be aware of what you are getting yourself into.

Science courses are challenging and at times, even with hard work, it seems like you still aren't working that hard. This may seem bad, but it builds toughness and character, if only I could control it better. But don't worry, everyone has demons and struggles; some are better at hiding it than others. Take science APs — yes, it will be a pain, but it'll help you out so much during college and you won't be wondering why you never did.

Be proud of yourself for dreaming bigger than the Sunshine State for there are great things here. You are so close to NYC (even though I never go) and live in a state where the weather is always changing. I have seen snow for the first time, and let me tell you, while getting your feet wet with snow isn't good, it is so beautiful and fun to walk on. I have even gotten into my first snowball fight, although I think I lost.

Most of my classes are great and interesting, but there are a few that are unfair. Luckily you will meet someone amazing that will be really helpful (more on that later). Oh, and remember how you wish you had a larger Jewish community? Well, look no more. Here at Stony, there is an amazing Jewish community with some of the best people you will ever meet and people I hope to never lose touch with because they are so special. Without these people, I don't know how I would survive college.

Many of these people have become friends and mentors which is amazing when you have a class with them. No matter what, stop chasing and flirting with guys that are long distance and aren't interested in you. I'm not going to reveal any details, but you will meet a man that is special. While he is not perfect, he is an incredible man and even with all the stress still finds time to help me out and make me feel like a queen. We have our ups and downs but we complete each other so well.

One last thing: don't forget to read your books because you won't have time in college. I love you. Remember that you are amazing, beautiful, smart, and please keep on being you. Try to like veggies and working out.

Good luck.

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