10 Relatable Kardashian Moments To Get You Through Holidays
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10 Relatable Kardashian Moments To Get You Through This Holiday

Will have you laughing through all the classic family drama


The holiday season is upon us known for its large meals requiring stretchy pants and its uncomfortable family reunions filled with inevitable drama. So as you are sitting at the family dinner table getting asked for the 16th millionth time why you are still single here are some of the Kardashians most relatable family moments that will have you dying of laughter.

1. That one relative thats always starts drama

Yes, all Kardashian fans remember when Kim lost her earring in Bora Bora on a family vacation and yes they were worth $175,000, but don't worry Kendall saved the day and found them. We all have that family member who finds something to cry about even if their problems are insignificant and need's a little reminder as Kourtney told Kim, "there are people that are dying".

2. That one aunt who's on her fifth divorce 

3. And the tea has been spilt 

Kim Kardashian will never be able to live down her 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries just like you'll never be able to live down the time your parents walked in on you and your friends smoking. And of course they would never forget to bring it up at a family dinner, I mean how could they?

4. When your family is roasting your siblings and you're just happy it isn't you 

We have all been Kim at, at least one family reunion. There's always one sibling or relative who's messing up more than you so enjoy being the golden child while it lasts. While your at it take a few selfies while the lighting is still good.

5. That one relative who has your back always no matter what

The Kardashians teaching us true family values as Kris Jenner photographs here daughters playboy photoshoot. Moms always encourage their daughters, always.

6. That one aunt who always gets plastered 

We all have this one family member... and its the same one every time.

7. When your sibling takes the last piece of apple pie

You sit through all the family drama for real food which is actually edible unlike dining hall food so naturally, we get a little protective. So Khloés got it right if you touch my piece of apple pie I will fight you and if you curse at me yes, I bite back. Just some dinner table sibling rivalry for ya.

8. Always being thankful for everything you get..even if it isn't a Bentley 

The reality of life is that we can't all get Bentley's so yes Kim, you were right. But just remember to be thankful for what you do have this holiday season. Not everyone can own a Bentley like Kim... not even Khloé.

9. And be thankful that they are still around...

At the end of the day they always have your back no matter what so don't take it for granted.

10. Even if they drive you crazy most of the time 

You'll always love them no matter how much you fight.

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