11 Reasons You Know You're In New Jersey

Every state has their own stereotypes. Whether it is the thick accents of those in the South or the crazy driving of those from New York, everyone has their own ideas when it comes to each region. However, the stereotypes of New Jersey always seem to be the strongest. Ever since the launch of "Jersey Shore," people got an idea in their heads of what Jersey really is. Here are some of the most common New Jersey Stereotypes.

1. Everyone is speaking very loudly.

2. For unknown reasons the pizza and bagels are suddenly so much better.

3. Men are everywhere in tank tops. Seriously.

4. Lacrosse is taken very, very seriously.

5. You never pump your own gas.

6. Teen nights and Tinder are high in attendance.

7. The beach is referred to as “the shore.”

8. Breakfast is either a diner or Dunken' and you can find one on any corner.

9. Everyone is tan, whether it's a natural tan from the sun or a spray tan.

10. Everyone calls New York "the city."

11. In a time of crisis, everyone in Jersey always comes together and supports each other.

Whether any or all of these stereotypes are true, one thing is for sure. In a time of crisis everyone in New Jersey comes together and throws their support behind the community. So turn off your TVs when the "Jersey Shore" comes on and give people from Jersey the benefit of the doubt. They may be one of the most tanned states but they also have some of the biggest hearts.

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