10 Reasons Wrocław Is The Most Underrated European City You Must Visit

I am currently studying abroad in Wrocław, Poland, and it has come to my attention that there are many hidden gems and under appreciated cities in Europe that don't get the attention they deserve. Poland in general is an underrated country, and there are many underrated countries especially in eastern Europe, but here are ten reasons why Wrocław is an amazing city worth visiting.

1. The Food

There are almost literally a ton of unique restaurants worth trying in Wrocław. From Polish to Greek to Italian or Egyptian, virtually everything is available and beyond satisfying.

2. The Architecture

It's older than any city in the United States by many centuries, and the architecture and beauty of the buildings definitely supports the claim.

3. Downtown

I cannot gush about the downtown enough. It is called Market Square, and it is filled with older, beautiful buildings that contain many places to eat, clubs, shops, and bars. Cars cannot drive in the inner area, and it is all in walkable distance within itself.

4. The Nightlife

The downtown area contains many bars and clubs that are highly rated, safe, and cheap! The places that do charge cover average around $2-$4 to get in.

5. The Dwarves

In 2001, an anti-communist group first placed a dwarf near downtown as a symbol of their movement. Since then, many others have been placed in various areas which now contribute to a massive tourist attraction in order to locate all of the dwarves. We have found 13 so far.

6. The Festivals

There are festivals going on downtown almost all of the time. There are always shows, concerts, shops, food, and more set up around the downtown area for tourists and natives alike to spend their weekends.

7. The People

Though Polish people are said to be a little more closed off and unlikely to talk or even smile at strangers, once you meet them and spend time with them they are very kind people in general and open up as much as you do with them.

8. The Public Transportation

Public transportation in the United States is a joke. Here, trams and buses are cheap and easy to find and will take you almost anywhere.

9. The Prices

You can get a steak dinner and a drink for ten dollars or less. A good steak dinner. And that's just the beginning.

10. The Lock Bridge

A famous tourist attraction much like the lock bridge in Paris when it was there. So if you're really upset about it, come to Wrocław.

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