Blogging can be a fun way to reach out to people, and it can give you discipline as well as a set schedule. Here are the reasons to write a blog:

1.You have something to say. Everyone has a story, and a lesson they can teach to others.

2. It’s better than therapy and you can reach out to others.

3. You can set a schedule, and it teaches you how to keep to a schedule.

4. Writing can be fun if it’s a topic you enjoy talking about.

5. It’s a way to reach people who are going through the same things you do.

6. To sell books if you are an author, and you can use it to promote your books.

7. People will be grateful if you help them through your work to escape.

8. Everyone has a story.

9. Research can be fun and you can pass on stuff you learn.

10. Why wouldn’t you want to start one since you can make money, and help people along the way.

Writing blogs can be fun especially on subjects you enjoy. You can reach out to people, and it’s a way of expressing yourself.