10 Reasons Why I Will Always Love Harry Potter

In honor of The Cursed Child coming out in stores this past weekend (and finishing it in 3 days), I've decided to share my top 10 reasons as to why I am utterly obsessed with the Harry Potter series and why you should jump on the bandwagon with me. Also, be cautious for spoilers! My bad.

1. Inspiring story of love and friendship

I'm not the only one who knows how amazing and true the Golden Trio is. The phrase "love knows no bounds" is proven again and again by Harry, Ron and Hermione no matter how large the struggle (they took down the dark lord!). Not to mention the fact that Harry is alive because of his mother's love. In my opinion, there is honestly no greater love story.

2. Half decent movie adaptions.

I usually don't like watching the movie version of a book after I read it, mostly because they're usually way off the mark, but the HP movies are almost spot on (looking at you, Teddy Lupin). The actors/actresses put such hard work and effort into making pretty decent movies that we all love to binge watch on ABC Family every few weekends, or buy at Target for $5.


I think everyone has used a HP quote for their selfie whether they knew it or not. Although Dumbledore kind of really sucked, he sure did have a way with words.

4. The main character doesn't get the girl

Harry Potter is one of the only male characters I know of that didn't get his female co-star in the end. Hermione and Ron are perfect for each other, as well as Harry and Ginny.

5. The humor

Fred and George Weasley were some of the funniest characters I've ever read. With practical jokes to witty sayings, these twins brought light into every dark situation. The witty, smart-assy comments made throughout the series will keep you laughing (and crying) until you finish.

6. Minor characters are just as important

Neville Longbottom, a boy we don't have much focus on, kills Nagini and ultimately helps save Wizardkind. Dobby, a mere house elf, dies protecting his Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron. Cedric Diggory, the spare, is partially the reason behind the DA. Need I say more?

7. Bravery

We learn from all of the characters that everyone is brave in their own way. Professor McGonagall summoned troops to save Hogwarts, Snape watched over Harry for 17 years for Lily, Neville killed Voldemort's snake. The whole theme of Harry Potter is to be brave.

8. We are reminded of how important our education is

As exam times roll around, it's important to channel your inner Hermione Granger and head to the library. Your bio final might not be as exciting as the O.W.L.S, but it's more important (and real).

9. Importance of family

Growing up an orphan, Harry didn't have a real family until he met the Weasleys. With Molly's unconditional love, Arthur's interest in all things Muggle related, plus their 7 children, Harry learns what it's like to be loved and to love back. Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather, also teaches Harry that "those who love us, never truly leave us."

10. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home


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