10 Reasons Why Moving Is SO Horrible
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Student Life

10 Reasons Why Moving Is SO Horrible

Want to know what you're up against? Take a look at the list or reminders for your next week of hell.

10 Reasons Why Moving Is SO Horrible

1. The thought of it.
Even to think that you have to move every article of clothing and everything that makes your room you, it hurts. Step one: Just do it. Hmm just DO it... DO...D... DQ, mm ice-cream. Yup im gonna have to come back to this.

2. Getting started

Why must you own so many things. And which ones will you not need for a while. Well I need clothes,and bathroom stuff, and my bed, and my shoes, probably my nightstand.
Maybe just move my books today.

3. The mess
That excellently thought out spot that you fit all your extras in like Tetris, forget it. It's not needed now. Instead there will be ten piles of you're not exactly sure what bleeding into each other with only footprints of the floor.

4. The never ending story

You now have multiple boxes packed and the car started, and it only takes an hour to bring it to my other house and then an hour to come back. But you walk in the door, and for some reason the pile hasn't diminished. Not. At. All.

5. The cleaning

Because not only did you never dust your own dresser so now you have to clean it, but you must clean the floors. But also the walls. And windows and their sills. And the shelves. And you might as well get a ladder and clean the outside of those windows too.

6. The past
Finding that bracelet that one guy made you freshman year. Your current boyfriend asks what it is, and you're asking yourself why do I keep this shit. Also why do you have these white and brown leggings that look like they belong to a bird costume. You're cousin didn't want them and neither do you.

7. The gap
So you have to be out of the house completely by the July 30th; the new lease doesn't start till August 14th.
Hello family dinner, curfews, and constant knowledge of my whereabouts.
Can I sleep on your couch for a few days?

8. So much cleaning
You've finished your room, but there is the kitchen. All of the grease. All of the trim, the floors, the bathroom, sinks, closets, walls, couches, desks, lamps, counters.
I think it's better if I curl up into the fetal position and hug this wash rag for a while.

9. The unfinished product.

Your things are smushed into your room at your parents house. The accomplishment of cleaning to the worlds end has only removed your finger prints in the process. You've polished your turd, but don't worry it's not over yet. Your favorite friends still have an invitation in a few days to inspect your cleaning and tell you exactly what you did wrong. You know those heat stains on the wall from your heater that were there when you moved in? Yeah, maybe you should have scrubbed harder.

10. Starting all over again

Don't think this is over, this has just begun. Remember lugging everything you own out of town and putting everywhere it can fit. Hello move in! Plus more cleaning, organizing, putting things up instead of taking things down. Don't get any finger print locks anytime soon, you won't be able to use them.

Obviously moving can be easier, or much harder than all of these reasons. It all depends on the type of roommates you have and honestly sometimes, how much stuff you have. But look on the bright side, you don't have to live with the people who have annoyed you the last year, and you can give away the stuff you don't want. Like those nice tops you bought to wear out and you never wear out; goodwill! Maybe just go ahead and throw away that old underwear though.

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