10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month
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10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month

Let's get real, December is the Friday of the months.

10 Reasons Why December Is The Best Month
Anthony Licciardello
  1. New music releases

December 2nd, December 3rd, December 9th, and December 26th. Keep these days free because everyone of these days marks the release of a new album from four world class artists: Childish Gambino, Drake, J. Cole, and Kid Cudi. These four artists personally are some of my favorite musicians, and I can’t express my excitement for these new albums. J. Cole and Gambino have not released albums since 2014, where Kid Cudi and Drake have not released albums since earlier this year.

2.New movie releases!

Will Smith. Jennifer Lawrence. Jessica Chastain. Natalie Portman. Phenomenal Hollywood A list actors who all happen to be a part of different movies, all of which come out in December. From movies about political lobbyists to astronauts, the list of movies released in this glorious month satisfies all movie lovers with different genres for everyone!

3. Off from school

Winter break is a blessing to all students; it offers a time to debrief, relax, and catch up on sleep. Students are able to spend days binge watching Netflix with absolutely no need to get up from bed, unless it’s to raid the fridge. The brief recess allows a time for students to enjoy time without the stress of assignments and studying.

4. Opportunity to spend time with family and friends

Hand in hand with winter break, December is a time where families come together and friends all unite. With holiday cheer and long breaks from school and work, families and friends spend an abundance of time together, and the list of activities to do together is crazy. For those who celebrate festivities, families and friends decorate houses together, get each other presents, and watch holiday movies while cuddling and bundling up.

5. Holidays!

December is the time where important holidays take place. Memories are created, traditions are started, and love is in the air. When families celebrate religions, decorate homes, and spend time together, a sense of unity is brought to families. Holidays are a great time for families to enjoy each other’s community, and plus, who doesn’t love presents!

6. New York City

New York City is a magical place all times of the year, but during December, the energy and extravagance of Manhattan is emphasized. From the breath-taking tree in Rockefeller Center to the charisma of the ice skaters in Bryant Park, the City offers winter festivities for everyone. At Saks Fifth Avenue, the windows are decorated with holiday zest, and the exhibits in the windows are jaw-dropping.

7. Decorations

Color schemes, wreaths, christmas trees, menorahs, the list of holiday decorations is long and vast. The act of decorating is a practice that molds traditions and helps express holiday cheer. The spirit of winter holidays helps unite communities and families a like.

8. Warm Drinks

The introduction of cold weather calls for the welcoming of warm winter inspired drinks. From peppermint hot chocolate to gingerbread espressos, the flavors of December and winter can be displayed in many holiday drinks. A number of coffee houses and other food related places introduce holiday inspired menu options.

9. Snow, fires, and cozy home setting

Depending on where you live, December is a month that offers the arrival of cold weather and (hopefully) snow. When the weather gets colder, people pull out the fuzzy socks and blankets and cuddle up near the fireplace. The setting in houses is transformed to a place with a warm escape from Jack Frost.

10. End year with optimism going into new year

The end of December offers a celebration of holidays, and more importantly a celebration of the previous year. It closes the door of one year, and opens the door to the new one. It is a time for optimism and hope, a time for resolutions to be formed, and a time to say goodbye to all of the challenges of the year prior.
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