10 Reasons Why Belle Is And Will Always Be The Best Disney Princess

10 Reasons Why Belle Is And Will Always Be The Best Disney Princess

She never needed a hero.

Growing up, we all had our favorite Disney Princesses (or Superheroes). The Disney version of Belle has stood the test of time unlike any of her princess counterparts, launching a successful Broadway production, sequels and spin-off shows, and even the brave and steadfast Belle from Once Upon A Time. There is a reason why Belle has endured and become the favorite of so many Disney fans, and it is because of all the princesses we have come to know and love, she was by far the most relatable. Here's why:

1. She loves to read.

2. She doesn't care that she doesn't fit in.

If you watch the movie in the beginning scene when she goes into the village, she is the only person wearing blue. This is a sign she does not fit in.

3. She has a kind heart.

Belle: If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much!

She still took the time to take care of Beast after he saved her.

4. She doesn't judge books.

At first, things were rough, but a friendship grew. She cared what was on the inside.

5. She is an alto.

6. She loves food.

7. She is courageous.

She didn't even think twice. She willingly took her father's place as the Beast's prisoner.

8. She's got an incredible imagination.

Belle: Well some people use their imaginations.

9. She never needed a hero.

10. She has the best ballroom dance scene.

Cover Image Credit: rotoscopers.com

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