10 Reasons To Visit Nigeria In Your Lifetime

10 Reasons To Visit Nigeria In Your Lifetime


Nigeria is one of the most underrated places on this planet - yes it's true. It's has the largest population in Africa and many various ways of life. This list contains just few reasons why you should go to Nigeria before you die.

1. Food

This is definitely one of the best things because there are local foods from nearly all the 500+ ethnic groups and everyone prides themselves on being able to cook one thing or the other. Also, Nigerian spices are amazing and second to none.

2. Hospitality

Nigerians are very friendly people. It's weird. We go through a lot being citizens of a developing country, but are still able to care for people outside ourselves and our families.

3. Fashion

Go outside on any given street on any given day and you'll see styles you've never seen before. Seriously. Nigerians are highly creative and it seems I see new outfit styles everyday. Also, the price to get these custom clothes and accessories as a tourist is affordable.

4. Photo opportunities

This list shows cities like Port Harcourt, Uyo, Calabar, and Abuja and their great sights.

5. Weather

One of the best things about Nigeria. I say there are basically two seasons - rainy and hot. No snow, hardly any hail or floods, and most importantly, rarely any natural disasters. Our weather is one of the priceless gifts from God.

6. Accents

Nigerian accents are on another level! There's this myth that there is a "Nigerian accent" but there really isn't. Any accent you hear is caused by either the person's tribe or where they grew up. Be sure to expect different accents from the different tribes and that's exciting.

7. Humor

This is the secret to why Nigerians don't look old. Yes, we sometimes think we're the funniest people on the face on this earth but we know laughter lightens so many burdens. Visit Nigeria because there's always humor to be found in every situation.

8. Markets

These are the main source of obtaining anything. You can get your hair done, nails done, food shopping done, and even get new clothes. Nigerian markets are one of the things I love most about Nigeria because bargaining is possible and saving money whenever it's possible is a major key.

9. Music

Nigerian music is pretty cool too. Its beats are fitting for parties or just general hype music to keep the lively spirit of the nation flowing.

10. Occasions

Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, carnivals, and even burials (of very aged people, of course) can be a lot of fun. Nigerians are so good at planning and executing parties. Such a celebration style is probably why Nigerians are generally happy and optimistic humans.

Cover Image Credit: Vay's Photography

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A Letter From An Aspiring World Traveller: It's Time To Stop Stereotyping

Just because other countries are different than America, does not mean they are wrong.

"You're going into terrorist country"

"You're going to get robbed"

"They don't have air conditioning"

"It's so dangerous"

I have travelled a lot for a 19 year old and I am very thankful. I can't stand to stay in the same place for long so I am hoping to travel for work one day. On my next trip, I am going to Morocco and no one seems to be excited or supportive of my trip because of stereotypes. So from an aspiring world traveler: please take the stick out of your ass, get on a plane, and go experience what this world has to offer.

I have had people Google Morocco to tell me that it has a large Muslim population. To me, this just seems like a simple fact because Morocco and its surrounding countries are predominately Muslim. But to these people who approached me, it meant that I was heading into "terrorist country".

This idea that all Muslims are terrorists is a bit old. The Muslim population is a lot larger than the Islamic extremist population that we associate them with. You don't see Muslim children going to school or playing outside because that doesn't make for interesting headlines.

Some people seem to think that because they go to a resort in some country that they have travelled. But travel is about way more than simply going somewhere. If you've gone to an Americanized resort in some country how is that any different than going somewhere in America? Travel is about the food, the culture, the people, and the memories.

For whatever reason, there is this idea that just because countries are different than ours means they are worse off or dangerous. Just because people have different skin colors, religious beliefs, and cultures, does not mean they are wrong.

I am unbelievably excited to travel to Morocco and eat tagine, drink tea, and ride a camel. I don't want to live my life in one place with a closed off mind set. I have a heart for the world and I want to experience all it has to offer. I am tired of being told that where I am traveling to is dangerous and that I might die. Honestly, look how many shootings happen in America every day. I'm probably safer when I travel out of the country.

So no, I will not try to tell you what to believe. But I suggest you learn about a country and go visit. Go to a farmers market and avoid the touristy destinations. Put down your phone and experience something new, something real. Life is too short to be afraid.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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