10 Reasons To Love Being Single
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10 Reasons To Love Being Single

Be bae-less and thriving.

10 Reasons To Love Being Single
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Plenty of people are in happy relationships, and that's awesome! But there are just as many that aren't. I've come to find that I'd rather be single than in a crappy relationship any day; and in fact being single is pretty sweet. Although being in a healthy relationship is super cool too, the single life is exciting, freeing, and leads to so many opportunities for growth. So if you're feeling blue because you can't seem to find the one, turn that frown upside down. You don't need to seek out a significant other, if it's meant to be they'll come to you. For now, you should be living life to fullest and never settle for anything less! Be a little selfish, focus on yourself, your education, your travel plans, etc. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons to love being single:

1. You're on your own time.

Do what you want when you want! Want to hit the gym? Do it. Go clubbing with your friends? Why not? Want to go to that seafood restaurant your crush doesn't like? Save me some calamari. You are free to be on your own schedule and hang with who you please when you please. The only accommodations you need to make are for Y-O-U.

2. You save money.

Being in a relationship is great, but also costly. Going out to dinner, seeing a movie, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, surprises, etc. add up fast. Being single is better for your bank account. So until someone comes along that's worth the dough, invest in yourself!

3. Focus on friendships.

When you don't always have a plus one, it gives you more time and opportunities to hang out with your friends. You get to go to concerts, dinner, or just stay in and have a kick back without needing to be sure your SO is meshing well with the group. You'll never miss a girls or bros night out!

4. Less emotional strain.

In healthy relationships, this isn't a thing. But no relationship is perfect, so sometimes there will be instances of jealousy, anger, self-consciousness, dishonesty, etc. Save yourself the trouble and fly solo!

5. Personal success.

Having the opportunity to get an education is priceless. Working at the job you love is too! You should keep working to fulfill these ambitions, do things for you, and get your life together before you start thinking about involving someone else. When the time is right, it won't feel like you gave up your future to be with that person. So embrace the single life now!

6. Travel.

Always wanted to go to Ireland? Italy? Prague? Do it! Get a group of your best pals, or do some soul searching and go alone. This is a great opportunity to grow and mature as your own person; to experience a different part of the world while being independent as heck. Take advantage of not having as many commitments tying you down at this point in your life and discover the world and yourself!

7. Living space.

You may be in college, in your own apartment, or whatever, but bottom line is you have your own space. SOAK IT IN. You get to be alone whenever you please, decorate just to your liking, and be as messy or tidy as you want. Having an SO shouldn't eradicate all of this, but it might call for an adjustment here and there. So don't take coming home alone for granted.

8. Personal growth.

Being single is an awesome way to learn about yourself. Maybe you haven't had a serious relationship, or you did and it didn't work out; but either way, you'll start to solidify what's important to you, what things you shouldn't make a big deal about, what kind of partner you want to be, what kind of partner you want to have, how to be independent, how step out of comfort zone, and so much more.

9. Flirting.

Everybody loves the chase. And hey, flirting is fun and harmless! It's exciting to make eye contact and smile at the cutie across the room; to feel the rush when someone asks for your number; to play a little hard to get and go back and forth with someone that's sparked your interest. Play the field, see what happens!

10. No shaving!

Yes, you still need to shave when you're going out for a night on the town. But, if it's pants weather, you bet your boots you don't need to shave. Say bye bye to razor burn, thanks to your single life.

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