10 Reasons To Date A Bass Head

My world got flipped upside down the day that I met my boyfriend. In the time we’ve been together he’s managed to show me a whole new world, one that I’m not only elated to be a part of, but one that I never want to leave. So, if that new guy you have a crush on seems to me a little obsessed with the EDM scene, here’s all the reasons why you should absolutely date him:

1. New music all. the. time.

I’ve discovered some of the best music in my life after I began dating a bass head. Between the live sets, the hour-long mixes and the overwhelming amount of playlists out there, our relationship will never run out of new things to listen to.

2. The money struggle is mutual.

You won't really have to worry about being embarrassed by your depleting savings account because your S.O will probably be in the same boat. They won’t judge you, they’ll have nothing but empathy when you blow all of your money on shows.

3. Your date nights will be pretty intense.

While all my friends are being wined and dined by their boyfriends, I’ll be out headbanging a f*cking storm with mine.

4. They are who they are.

Bass heads are unapologetic with their creativity, they're fiercely unique and crazy passionate. They aren’t afraid to be themselves, and will never shame you for doing the same.

5. Car rides will be a lot more fun.

Who needs the radio, or silence for that matter, when you can rock out to the new release by your favorite DJ, together.

6. Protection and respect.

Though they might come off as intense, no one will look out for you quite like a fellow bass head.

7. They really know how to party.

Between the shows, festivals, and after parties, they’ve probably gotten the hang of having a good time while playing it safe, without being a grandparent.

8. Independence.

I'm willing to bet they could go to a festival, lose the rave family with a dead phone and no cash and still make it out alive.

9. Music comes first.

If you're a huge music fan, I'm sure you're pretty happy with letting it consume your life. If you can find someone who feels the same way, then that's f*cking beautiful.

10. Couples who rage together, stay together.

It's a fact.

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