10 Reasons To Be Excited For Christmas
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10 Reasons To Be Excited For Christmas


10 Reasons To Be Excited For Christmas

SIX MORE WEEKS! Yep, you heard me right, scrooges, only sixmore weeks until Christmas is here!

While some Grinches out there moan and complain about stores selling anything Christmas related when Halloween still had yet to arrive, some of us (me) start our countdown in January. It is the most wonderful time of year, after all!

Whip out the nutcrackers, the wrapping paper, and your Aunt Virginia's old cookbook full of homemade holiday treats. It's time to put the sweet summer time behind us and get excited for the soothing aroma of peppermint and the warm, fuzzy feeling that uncontrollably consumes you!

Here are 10 reasons why it is absolutely okay for you to be ecstatic about Christmas:

1. Family!

If you don't live the closest to your loved ones, or are away at college like me, seeing your family alone is a reason to celebrate! Even if they do drive you nuts, they are blood after all. Make sure to stock up on that mulled wine to help you get through the holly jolly season.

2. Christmas Movies

Something about re-watching your favorite holiday movies for the hundredth time is so soothing and the greatest way to get you pumped for the big day.

3. The Music

If you have a smooth, powerful voice, or even if you don't, IT'S YOUR TIME! Christmas music is all about nostalgia. It's an auditory fuzzy blanket, a cup of phenomenal cocoa on a crisp, winter day

4. The Food

Prepare yourself, friends, it's the most popular time for your Instagram friends to post a picture of their food. Unless you find perfect "selfie-lighting" for your Christmas dinner, your meal will probably look like a blob of meat and carbs. Even though it looks gross, you know it's your favorite meal of the year (don't tell Thanksgiving).

5. The End-of-the-year Excitement

It's time to preach about the same resolutions you preached about on Facebook last year that you ended up never following through with. It's a fresh start! You may not win the lottery or begin to love your dumb 9-5 job, but there are multiple chances just around the corner that could make you extremely happy! Assume you'll be lucky, and see what happens!

6. The Decorations

It won’t be long before Christmas trees fill the windows of the houses in your neighborhood and the streets are transformed into glittering highways with bright lights in the trees and colorful decorations to brighten those dark, winter nights.

7. Presents

Even though we all swear Christmas isn't about the presents, we all look forward to giving and receiving thoughtful gifts from our loved ones all year long! It's time to start sneakily creeping on everyone's social media to see what their wish list is hinting. Whether you love or hate the gifts you get, it's the thought that counts, guys!

8. Christmas Cards

Whether it's dressing up in those hideous matching sweaters your mom loves or posing with your cats in the local JcPenny photo studio, holiday cards are something everyone loves getting in the mail.

9. Santa Is Coming!

Santa, also known as Jolly Saint Nick is REAL! Believing, or at least pretending to believe, is fun for everyone of all ages. There's nothing more exciting than seeing someone young, whether it's a little sibling, niece/nephew, or little cousin get excited for Santa to come and put presents under the tree.

10. Taunting the Grinch in your Life

There's always someone out there that will attempt to put a damper on your excitement for Christmas, so you might as well make fun of them and put Christmas everywhere in their life all year round!

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