10 Reasons It's Okay If You Don't Want A Summer Fling
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10 Reasons It's Okay If You Don't Want A Summer Fling

It's your life.

10 Reasons It's Okay If You Don't Want A Summer Fling

It's not a secret that the summer dating scene looks a whole lot like tinder on steroids. The weather is hot, and so is seemingly everyone around you. There is nothing wrong with a week or months long adventure with someone else, as long as you guys are on the same page. However, there is absolutely no pressure to do anything you're not comfortable with or you feel like isn't you.

Here's a list of reasons why it's totally okay if you don't want a summer fling:

1. You're allowed to want something that lasts.

It's summer and the never-ending guy motto is "I'm not looking for anything serious." This is worse in the summer time. If that's not something you want, then don't lie to yourself and get hurt in three months. Long term may be guy repellent, but you have to be honest with yourself about your expectations.

2. Cuddling isn't as fun when it's so hot out.

I mean really if there's no blanket burrito, is it really worth it? This is why cuffing season was made.

3. You are known for getting attached and don't want to risk it.

I mean everyone is prone to a case of feels, and if you think that this could be something that leads to heartbreak, you may not want to pursue it.

4. Anyone who's game, you'd be settling for.

This is my inner narcissist talking, of course.

5. You're taking the time to pursue other things.

I am all about self-improvement this summer.

6. You're in for the wrong reasons.

Honestly, if you're lonely, go to a local animal shelter and don't latch on to the first person who breathes in your direction. You deserve better.

7. You miss the lame stuff too much.

If hookups don't fulfill your need to hold hands and walk through the park, then maybe it's time to consider other options.

8. You're not getting into something, thinking you can change the situation.

There are so many people I know, who start seeing someone who has specifically said they were not interested in anything serious but expects them to change their mind down the line. Avoid this by taking everything someone says literally, so you don't get your heart broken.

9. You don't have to deal with the awkward goodbye thing.

Remember: summer flings always start with an expiration date.

10. It's your life.

Don't let the endless Hallmark rom-coms let you forget that. If you just aren't feeling it, that is a good enough reason.

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