All college kids love a good snow day and for all good reasons. Especially in New England, where we are known for our rough and unpredictable winters, the only upside is having a day of canceled classes in lieu of the cold days and slippery sidewalks. The bright side of having a snow day in college is that we don't have an extra day until summer hanging over our heads because w don't have to make them up unlike we do in high school. Here are ten reasons snow days are the absolute best thing ever in college:

1. A Day to Sleep In!

We are college students. We are almost always tired. There is nothing greater than an unexpected day to sleep in.

2. We Don't Have to Make Them Up!

Funny how that works. We miss a class and don't have to make it up...but we also aren't getting a refund. I don't think anyone is really complaining though.

3. You Don't Have to Travel Far to See Your Friends!

The days of being stuck in the house with your parents are over. All of your friends are within walking distance.

4. You Can Finally Catch Up on Netflix

Everyone has a Netflix series they would love to catch up on, and an unexpected snow day is a day to do it.

5. A Reason to Drink Wine

A snow day is a perfect time to sit back with the girls and split a bottle of wine while watching the snow fall, because there is nothing else to do, right?

6. An Extra Day to Clean

We don't always have time to clean, so having an extra free day is the perfect time to do it.

7. Read a Book

A day stuck inside is a perfect time to catch up on a good book.

8. You Can Stay In Your PJ's All Day

Who doesn't love a day of that?

9. A Reason to Order Takeout

When you're stuck inside all day with your friends, it's a perfect excuse to order a pizza or some yummy Chinese.

10. A Reason to Stay In Bed All day

Sometimes, you just need a day to stay in bed. All day.

The next time you have a snow day in college, remember these reasons why they are the absolute best. Even though the snow is freezing, there are some benefits to it.