10 Reasons We Need to Appreciate 'The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical'

10 Reasons We Need to Appreciate 'The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical'

These are just 10 of the million reasons to love and support it.

The day after my last finals, I hopped on a bus and headed to New York City so I could go see "The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical." Yep, you heard me right. I saved enough money and planned a short trip alone all the way in NYC just to see the off-Broadway show not once, not twice, but three times. And now I am absolutely obsessed. The last show is May 6th, but it is not to late to give the musical a chance- the cast album comes out on June 30th and is sure to be absolutely amazing. Now I'm taking a moment to explain why this production is so special. Show your support for it because it deserves nothing less than to be brought back to an off-Broadway theater or to Broadway itself.

1. Appeal to all audiences

I have never seen an audience with such diverse age groups. The show has an amazing ability to target all ages- young children, adults, and college kids like me. Moreover, it fulfills both die-hard Percy Jackson fans and theater-goers new to the story.

2. Killer chemistry on stage

The chemistry between each and every actor on stage is incredible. It allows them to truly highlight the nuances of their characters and their interactions with one another. The carefully thought out representation of the relationship between Percy and Annabeth, for instance, is subtle yet evident because of the connections made during the show.

3. The feels, though. The feels.

Even thought it is filled with hilarious moments that cause much laughter in the theater, the musical also takes a step back to highlight a wide range of emotions. It does not wash aside the complexities of how the characters are feeling, and through the brilliant acting, the audience feels them, too.

4. "My Grand Plan" and "D.O.A."

These songs are some highlights of the show. Kristin Stokes (Annabeth) sings "My Grand Plan," a noteworthy number that reflects Annabeth's strength, determination, and even vulnerability. After each show that I went to, I always heard girls talking about how much they loved and related to the song. Another showstopper was Charon's number, played by the amazingly talented Carrie Compere. Compere also played other roles, but Charon's "D.O.A." is a brilliant entertaining surprise that always stuns the audience and leaves them cheering.

5. The toilet paper, etc

Okay, let me explain this one. The show does not have the budget of a Broadway show, but it makes up for it in wonderfully entertaining ways. Since Percy is the son of Poseidon (as he proudly sings in another catchy song), and drowning the stage in water isn't an option, toilet paper is shot out instead. It even reaches the audience, a fun touch to the already fun show. A similar situation happened when a bus exploded, reaching the audience once more.

6. Chris McCarrell

Chris is Percy Jackson. Literally, he is Percy. Nobody could be better suited for the role or capture the complexities of the character quite like he does. Check him out yourself here if you don't believe me, and get ready to become absolutely obsessed. I could easily write a whole article about how why Chris is the greatest, but I'll spare you. For now...

7. George Salazar

I have come to the conclusion that "George Salazar" is a synonym for "an extremely talented, hilarious, and all-around super sweet human being." He plays Grover and Mr. D, earning the most laughs from the audience with his delightfully funny contrasting portrayals of the two characters. He is definitely a star of the show.

8. True to the book

While it has been quite a few years since I read the books, I am not the only one who finds the musical to be a worthy true rendition of the novel. Fans all over were disappointed by the movie but are thrilled with this musical. From the plot itself to having a blonde Annabeth, it is more than they could have asked for.

9. Twitter account slays

This is a bit off-track, but hey, it deserves some attention. The musical's official twitter account, @LTMusical, is super helpful if you have any questions. More importantly, whoever runs the account is skilled at subtly (or not so subtly) bashing the movie. It's great. And if you tag them in a sarcastic tweet about the musical, don't be surprised if they respond with a killer comeback.

10. You're guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face

No matter how skeptical you are going in to the musical, you'll most definitely be enthusiastically cheering and applauding by the end. Simply put, it is a lovely show filled with laughter and fun. I know that a musical about Percy Jackson might seem weird. Not many musicals have a singing centaur, monsters, or god with a Hawaiian shirt. Like I said, weird. It is brilliant, though, so if you look into it and decide you want more, order the cast album here. You won't regret it.

Cover Image Credit: Marly McNeal

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Cover Image Credit: Vine

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5 Things To Do ~Before~ You Study Abroad

Take a breath.


Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for a few college students out there. It's an experience many have sworn by as a turning point in their academic careers, and a time many memories were made. However, as you make the choice to study abroad, or as you prepare for your trip, remember there are points you should remember before you do so.

Now, I haven't studied abroad yet, but as I have been preparing I have been taking cues from friends and their experiences as I prepare for my own. As I wait, the date I leave is approaching quickly. It's easy to get lost in the whirlwind of preparing for the trip, and the dreams you have for it, so these are a few points I hope remember:

1. Appreciate the people who helped you along the way.

More than likely, you haven't planned this all on your own. You've had help and support from teachers, family and friends. Take the time to appreciate them, and what they have done to get you to have this amazing experience. You'll be glad you did, and so will they.

2. Be realistic

It's easy to get lost in the dream of going to a new country for an extended period of time, especially if you've never done anything like it before. No doubt, the experience will be great, but make sure to be realistic in your dreams for the experience. That way it will live up to your expectations, and anything above and beyond will be icing on the cake.

3. Remember why you're doing this.

It's self-explanatory, but when you study abroad, make sure you actually study. The reason you're doing this is more than just seeing the world, but to learn from it. Keep up with your studies so you gain all the more from the experience.

4. With that said, remember to have fun.

Don't stay in your room all day either. It will probably be a while before you have another opportunity like this, so explore when you can. Spend weekends with classmates traveling the area, and seeing the places you know from your textbook.

5. Try new things.

Try new foods, explore new cultures, and get out of the bubble of familiarity you've always known. There's a big world out there, and it's time to see it.

Cover Image Credit:


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