10 Reasons We're Head-Over-Heels About Colton Being The Next Bachelor
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10 Reasons We're Head-Over-Heels About Colton Being The Next Bachelor

To the 29 ladies who are lucky enough to have a shot, make it count because what a catch.

10 Reasons We're Head-Over-Heels About Colton Being The Next Bachelor

Colton Underwood, 26, was announced as the new bachelor for season 23, premiering January 7, 2019. Colton was first seen on Becca's season of "The Bachelorette," where he made it to the top four but sadly got his heart shattered after revealing to her that he was virgin. Colton then appeared on the follow-up show, "Bachelor in Paradise," where he was known for his love connection with Tia, a rekindled love story that began prior to Becca's season.

After weeks in paradise, unfortunately, Colton was not feeling his connection with Tia and decided that they were better meant to be friends, despite their history and a great time in paradise. Now, he's back and looking for a wife when the new season airs. Hopefully, this Greek god will finally find what he's looking for, and if not some of us are still available, *raises hand*.

He was an NFL star


Playing at Illinois State University and tight end for the San Diego Chargers, he's quite the stud on and off the field but had to stop due to an injury that ended his career. He was actually named after the Indianapolis Colts and was born on Super Bowl Sunday, so basically, this man lives and breathes football.

Duh... He's GORGEOUS 


From his bright blue eyes to his perfect blonde hair... and rock solid abs... he's basically the epitome of every girl's dream guy. He's always dressed well and looking fine whether it's on the beach in Mexico or out on a date. You know those people you can just look at and smile? Yeah, he's one of them.

He's a Virgin 


If they didn't make it 110% obvious that he was a virgin on the show, here you go. They depicted it as a negative, yet it takes guts to come out with that kind of news on national television. I think everyone was more shocked than disappointed, but he's, "Not waiting for marriage, just the right person."

He runs a nonprofit organization 

Due to his little cousin having cystic fibrosis, when he was 23 he began a nonprofit organization called Colton's Legacy where he supports and raises money for kids who are suffering from this disease. He's raised over 100,000 in cash for equipment and research as well as contributed visits and hosted football camps for the kids. Again, can he get any better?

He's a gentleman 


As we saw in the shows, he takes care of his women and always comes off as a gentleman. From bringing Tia hotdogs, to making sure Becca had fun scuba diving, he's always putting them first. Can't wait to see what else he has in store for the ladies of this "Bachelor" season.

He loves dogs... a lot 


Pictured above, Sniper, along with his German Shepard, Thor, are two of his best friends. They're basically the bestest boys on the planet and want to see so much of these good boys on "The Bachelor," please. THANK GOODNESS HE'S NOT A CAT PERSON, REG FLAGS EVERYWHERE.

He's a business owner


At one point, he owned a sports grill called "4th & Goal Grill" in Washington, IL where beer and burgers were a popular favorite. Unfortunately, it was sold and is now a BBQ joint. So yes, he knows his way around the kitchen, too.

He's an outdoorsman 


Being from Denver, CO it's hard not to love the outdoors. He's been seen snowboarding in the mountains and appreciates the sports that he can play for fun too, rather than just focusing on football. Not to mention, he dated famous Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman, so athletics are just a way of life.

We're jealous of Becca, Tia, and all the future contestants 


Although I was a huge Tia and Colton fan, of course, we just want them to be happy, and if that means them going out on the market again, so be it. We will always be jealous of their one-on-one date and how they get a shot at being with him, but just getting to see him on television again will be a plus.

We're obsessed with him 


If it's not obvious already, #BachelorNation LOVES this man. That's why he was such a perfect choice to be the next bachelor, because how can you not fall in love with him?!? Hopefully, he finds what he's looking for this time around and we can swoon over him and his new wifey for forever more.

Dear future Mrs.Underwood, please treat him well because if not you will have thousands of angry fans coming after you for another Colton heartbreak. Also @chrisharrison if you're still looking for contestants, hit us up.

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