10 Reasons I'm A Woman Who Is Not A Feminist
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10 Reasons I'm A Woman Who Is Not A Feminist

If I can actually come up with 10.

10 Reasons I'm A Woman Who Is Not A Feminist

1. I do not care about equality.

2. I am ignorant.

3. I do not know what feminism or equality actually means.

4. I am so privileged it does not matter to me so I do not care.

I cannot come up with the six other reasons.

To the people of the world who aren't feminists and to those who believe feminism is a dirty word: you are wrong. In order to explain why everyone in the world should be a feminist, I will give you a little background of myself:

I have been a feminist since I faced the gender inequality associated with sports—a gender inequality that became apparent to me at a young age. As a nine year old, I could recognize and name the behavior as sexist (with maybe a little word choice guidance from my mom). Boys would be mean to me because I could outplay them on the court. The male teacher would prefer to talk sports with the boys when my own knowledge on the subject eclipsed theirs ten-fold. I named my teacher sexist, and continued on.

I must acknowledge, however, that there was a time in my life when I did not consider myself a feminist. I gave up on the fight for equality, resigning myself to the notion that it was useless. I allowed myself to succumb to the dirty word rhetoric. The truth, though, is: feminists don't hate men. Some feminists even shave. And, if they don't—who cares?Feminism is the fight for women to have the autonomy of their bodies. This encompasses forced female genital mutilation, the right to deny sexual advances without consequence (violence, ridicule and shaming), etc. It is the fight for equality so women are paid $1 to the man's $1 for the same exact job (rather than the white woman's 79 cents, and the woman of color's that is even less than that. It is equal representation of men and women in government and in the business-world as it will function as a true reflection of the population. It is the right to accessible female health care and the abolishment on the tax on feminine necessities—believe it or not, we don't choose to have our periods and we can't decide when to start or stop it. It is the continuance and support of Planned Parenthood, bringing the war upon it to an end which is completely and wholly a war in which women, and their uteruses, are the target victims (For those who don't know, Planned Parenthood isn't an abortion clinic. As stated in its purpose, "Planned Parenthood delivers vital reproductive health care, sex education and information to millions of women, men and young people worldwide...Planned Parenthood has promoted a commonsense approach to women’s health and well-being, based on respect for each individual’s right to make informed, independent decisions about health, sex and family planning.” Feminism is the belief that everyone, male, female and other, should have political, economic and social rights. It is the fight for those inalienable human rights that was deemed vital and fueled the founding of America, but was only truly granted to the white, heterosexual male. Feminism is the good fight.

To the men who aren't feminists: why? Do you not care if the other half of the population gets the same equal opportunity as you do? Do you think it doesn't affect you?

It is important for men to be feminists, too. Not only is it the choice for the greater good of the general public and our advancement as human beings, but it advantages men in ways many are unaware. When all men are feminists and gender equality is established, "effeminate" actions will no longer be shamed. Men will be able to express emotion without being condemned a sissy. Gender stereotypes and patriarchal ideas can negatively affect men, too. In addition, women will be making $1 to the man's $1, which will only help to support the family and the economy. In general, it is the support for your mother, sister and daughter to be given the same opportunity that you have had. Men, too, can fight for gender equality.

In fact, men need to fight for gender equality. And women. And you, too.

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