10 Reasons Why Having A Friend In Class Is The Best
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Student Life

10 Reasons Why Having A Friend In Class Is The Best

There's hope, even for the boring classes.

10 Reasons Why Having A Friend In Class Is The Best

Whether it’s a giant lecture or small discussion section, having a friend in your class can make all the difference.

1. You always have someone to sit with.

Having a friend to sit by is comforting; no one likes the intimidation of sitting alone.

2. You always have a seat saved.

Unless you’re both late, then good luck trying to find seats next to each other.

3. You have someone around to motivate you to pay attention (or not to).

Your friend will not hesitate to call you out for Snapchatting instead of paying attention; however, she may just get in your selfie rather than make you put your phone away.

4. You have someone to vent about your professor with.

How could he just mention a paper due next week out of nowhere? Sure, it was probably on the syllabus but wasn't he supposed to remind you earlier?

5. If you miss class, you can easily get the notes.

We’ve all been there—you just can’t bring yourself to go to class today. Lucky for you, you have someone there to report back on the day’s lesson. Just don’t take advantage of this or your friend may stop being so willing to share.

6. You have the same “class crush.”

That cute boy who sits in the seat second to last on the far right? Don’t think you were the only one who noticed him. Having someone else in the class lets you not only strategize about how to get in his discussion group but also how to eventually get his number.

7. Doing homework becomes more of a team effort.

Even if you have to sacrifice a night out to stay in and finish homework, at least you're not the only one.

8. You can go to office hours together.

This way, not only do you not have to face your professor one-on-one, you also have someone to make you to actually go.

9. You have the same class enemies.

The girl in the front row that always participates or the guy that tries to debate every topic are the worst. Stick to your friend and try to block out the others.

10. Studying isn't so bad.

Of course studying is never fun, but having someone else reviewing the same material can help you both try to understand it and also make you feel better when you don’t understand.

Even if your schedule didn't align with your best friend, find a different friend or make a new one in your class early on. You'll be glad you did.

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