10 Reasons You Should Go To College Out of State

10 Reasons You Should Go To College Out of State

2. You get to experience different traditions and cultures.

College can be a terrifying transition and change, but it can also be the best change of your life. When I decided to go to college out of state I was really scared. In fact, a few weeks before I left for college I began regretting my decision and highly contemplating whether or not I should actually go. Now that I am a junior in college I can safely say that leaving my home state for college was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

1. You get to meet new people.

The great thing about being away from home is getting to meet completely new people and start fresh after living with the same circle of people for the last 18 years. You get to meet people you may have never met if you never went away for school!

2. You get to experience different traditions and cultures.

No two places in the United States are the same, and the customs and norms differ from place to place. College is a great time to experience some different societal norms than back at home. It may be a bit of a culture shock at first, but it is worth it.

3. You always have something to bring up in "small talk".

When you go to college and start meeting new people, small talk is inevitable. Being outside of your home state for college is a perfect topic of conversation.

4. You get to try new foods.

One of my favorite things about being away from home is getting to try new restaurants and new foods. Now, I have a list of favorite restaurants at college and at home.

5. It makes going home more special.

Distance makes the heart grow stronger, and boy is that true when you're away at college. Going home for the holidays is so much more special when you can't drive home every couple of weekends.

6. You become more independent.

College is a great time to exercise your new found independence, but when you're on your own, living in a new place you have no choice but to grow up quickly.

7. You become a more well-rounded person.

Being exposed to new traditions, customs, languages, populations and social norms increases your knowledge and experience, even if you're just one state over.

8. You get to learn new slang.

Every part of the country speaks a little differently, and you're bound to pick up some new terms in your vocabulary when you're away from home. Ever since I moved from California to Texas for college, I haven't been able to stop saying "Y'all," and I'm not mad about it.

9. You get to experience climate change.

If you're from Southern California like me, then you pretty much only have one season. Now, I get to experience all four seasons and some (stupid) humidity, as well. But the humidity is definitely worth it when fall comes around and I get to see the changing colors of the leaves.

10. You get to show off your hometown when your friends come to visit.

The coolest thing about meeting friends from other places is having them visit and showing them around all of your favorite spots and restaurants.

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The Struggles Of Being Sick In College, Away From Home, Without Mom

What it's really like to be sick in college.

It’s that time of the year. People are sneezing and coughing, whether it’s during class, while walking past each other, or in your residence hall. The one thing you’re trying not to do is get sick. And of all things that could happen, you get sick.

I got sick for the first time away from home and it absolutely sucks. Your mom isn’t there to take care of you. She would give you the right medication, make sure you’re well rested, and call you out of school. You didn’t have to worry about what medicine you were supposed to take and which ones at what time.

You also have to go to class no matter how sick you are. Some teachers understand that students get sick, but unfortunately, a lot do not. And honestly, why would you want to miss class? This means missing a lecture, a quiz, or a test, and there is no chance to make up any of those.

On top of that, since everyone goes to class when they’re sick, they get everyone around them sick as well. It’s inevitable. Sickness spreads like a wildfire in college and the cycle is never going to end. The only way to avoid this is to keep washing your hands and hope for the best.

No matter how sick you are though, life just keeps going. You still are going to go out with your friends, go to meetings, and go to events. There really is no time to recover because of everything going on all the time. Being sick is annoying but it’s not a college experience without getting sick at least once. Just remember to keep using hand sanitizer, washing your hands and being healthy in general. If you keep up healthy habits, you won’t have to worry about being stressed while being sick.

Cover Image Credit: sodaniechea / Flickr

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Freshman Year As Told By "FR.I.E.N.D.S."

The cruel realities of the best experiences.

Apart from being your first year in college, freshman year is the year for many other firsts, as well. For many, it is the first time living away from home, first time with a roommate, first time having this great amount of responsibility. But, to not give much away, here are the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. gifs depicting freshman year!

1. Orientation

You could be the biggest social butterfly and you would still find orientation to be one of the most awkward experiences there are. The good thing about it is everyone is on the same boat, so (hopefully) it can’t get any worse than that.

2. 8 a.m. classes

Waking up at 6:30am everyday for high school is not enough to prepare you for college. Your sleeping schedule will always be a mess, you’ll never feel well-rested and your super power will be not falling asleep during the early morning classes. Also, coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

3. Naïve teenagers

Somehow, living without adults telling us what to do becomes the synonym of adulthood. However, it doesn’t take long before you realize that isn’t true and find yourself calling your parents asking something about the laundry or if it really is necessary to go to class because it’s raining and you don’t have an umbrella.

4. Stress becomes a lifestyle

You walk around trying to hide the fact that you’ve just had your third mental breakdown in the bathroom, waving any and all concerns away with a façade of mental stability. Everything will be alright though.

5. Due to #4, parties become stress relievers

And by alcohol, I mean Capri Sun’s, of course! Yeah, I don’t think this needs any more explaining.

6. Teachers expect too much

Let’s be honest, not even in high school did we do anything during break. I feel like professors should know by now that if they get to spend time with their loved ones without any care in the world, we’ll be doing the same.

7. Freshmen 15 fears go out the window

Probably the most common fear of all students their first year, yet there is no hesitation in ordering a pizza with your friends and eating it all in one take without a care in the world. No regrets, no nothing, just a full stomach and a whole lot of happiness.

8. Friends become family

Probably the most important part of freshman year: you meet the people that will become lifelong friends.

Cover Image Credit: Comedy Central

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