10 Reasons Colin O'Donoghue Is #Winning In Life

In what seemed like a "Hail, Mary" attempt to keep audiences interested in their show, the creators of "Once Upon A Time" really came through, when they hired Irish actor, Colin O'Donoghue. I mean, as soon as they showed the preview with a beautiful Captain Hook, you know I was like, "Hello, beautiful!" So, I invite all of you to delve into just some of what makes this man irresistible.

1. He has the best friends. Seriously.

2. You know he won't take things too seriously.

He's just here to have a great time, and also to entertain the masses.

3. He's reminded the masses that Captain Hook is a far more complex character than is often assumed.

And he should definitely, at some point in his career, do a detective show because -- damn.

4. He, along with fellow cast mates, Josh Dallas (left) and Sean Maguire (center), so clearly differentiate between work and play.

5. I mean, seriously -- homeboy on the left is such a bro.

6. They've even gone so far as to brew beer together! Sigh.

7. He's always there to help a brother out with one of modern life's greatest struggles: the application of guyliner (no matter how daunting the task-at-hand seems).

8. He is most certainly not afraid of being seen as the biggest nerd in the room.

Why, you ask? Because #NerdsAreSexy. #YasDiva.

9. He makes these dorky faces, that just make you want to give the guy a hug.

All he needs is a single hug and he'll be OK. He's just too precious for this world.

10. Because without him -- his sass, his talent, and his beauty -- I think that many people would have abandoned ship (haha), in this case, "Once Upon A Time," many seasons ago.

So do yourself a favor: log into Netflix, and feast your eyeballs on one of Ireland's greatest assets.

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