10 Reasons Chocolate Is Better Than Boys

10 Reasons Chocolate Is Better Than Boys

Chocolate is a girl's best friend.

I feel like the saying, "diamonds are a girl's best friend" is all wrong. Who are we kidding? Chocolate is a girl's best friend.

1. It's always sweet.

Unless you are a weirdo and prefer semi-sweet chocolate, you can always rely on chocolate to be sweet. The best part is, their sweetness has no ulterior motive.

2. Every chocolate is rich.

Need I say more?

3. Good chocolate is easy to find.

Good chocolate never runs out so you never have to worry about all the good chocolate being taken.

4. It's OK if your best friend likes the same chocolate as you.

Goodbye broken friendships. There's enough chocolate to go around so that everybody can be happy. Basically chocolate saves friendships and lives.

5. It knows exactly how to comfort you.

Chocolate will never tell you to "get over it" or to "stop crying". It is always there for you.

6. You can never get enough of each other.

Any time you start to get bored of the same chocolate, you can go to the store and buy something completely different. Chocolate can always keep up with our changing tastes and high standards.

7. Your mom will never think it's not good enough for you.

In fact, she could even argue chocolate is too good for YOU. I'll admit it, chocolate is totally out of my league.

8. No chocolate is too much chocolate.

Obsession with a guy? Weird. Obsession with chocolate? Completely fine.

9. With chocolate, you're always right.

Chocolate never tells you that you're wrong, it never argues back with you. What's better than that?

10. Chocolate will never break your heart.

Sorry, boys, we're moving on to bigger and better things...as long as they include chocolate.

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This Is Me Letting You Go

We had what we had, and we can't have any more.

I told my therapist about you.

Because when I tried to hurt you like you hurt me, you didn't bat an eye. Because I can feel myself becoming a memory. Because I saw all of this coming, too, and I thought I could handle it, even though your absence caused me to stay in bed for thirty-six hours and down cheap alcohol that I couldn’t stand the taste of and kiss strangers because, as it turns out, I couldn’t.

Because I can feel myself becoming irrelevant to you, and because I am slowly realizing that I don’t know how relevant I ever was.

I think the worst thing in the world is never knowing what role you play in someone else’s life. If they only think about you when they meet someone with your name or major or hometown, or if you simply exist as a wandering thought at three in the morning, or if you never dare to leave their mind, if they feel your presence in every song and laugh and crowd. Do they miss you when you're gone? Or do they think it's ridiculous that you miss them, so much that you can feel it in your bones.

It's the worst thing to not know, especially if that person once played the starring role in the movie of your life, especially when that role should have been yours all along.

It’s becoming obvious that you were never meant to stay in my life forever. And that’s okay. I’m really, really trying to make myself understand that it is. Because what you did for me—making me feel alive, and accepted, and like I could do this—that will have changed me irrevocably and forever and through that, you will stay a part of me even long after we have both moved on.

I hope you know that I am eternally grateful for the impact you had on me. I hope you know that I was just too scared to do anything about the way I felt, but I wanted to. God, I wanted to.

And I hope she knows that she’s the luckiest girl in the world to be adored by you.

I know you don’t owe me anything. I know you’re happy. And I know that this won’t go anywhere.

We had what we had, and it was special, and life-changing, and it was enough. It has to be enough.

So this is me letting you go.

This is me promising that I’m going to stop checking up on you on social media. I’m going to stop writing about you and directing monologues at you. I’m going to stop crying about you and seeking your approval and finding excuses to stay in your life.

I’m going to stop giving you chances to prove me wrong. I’m going to stop hoping for you.

This isn’t me giving up. It’s me giving in. To the life I know I deserve. This is me giving myself a chance and believing that I am enough, that I am strong enough to face the world without you.

This is me letting you go.

At least—it’s me trying to.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Relationships are Not Top Priority, You are.

Focus on your relationship with yourself first before anyone else

To all of those who are currently in relationships and are super happy with your significant other, this is not a roast about you. In fact, if you are currently in a relationship, I am ecstatic for you, go out and live your life. However, if you are like me and are currently not in a relationship, that’s perfectly ok too. In a span of 3 months, I have discovered how much I have grown, thrived, and succeeded while being single. It finally clicked for me that being in a relationship is not a top priority, I have the rest of my life to worry about that. I need to take this time in my life to be worried about myself and not other people. I am my own top priority.

I entered college while in a relationship. For a little while, my relationship was going fine and I thought we were happy, for the most part. By the middle of the semester, that relationship ended. Of course, I was devastated at the time because I didn’t think that relationship was going to end anytime soon. However, I had so many other things to worry about between class, extracurriculars, babysitting, and my home life.

After my relationship ended, so many opportunities have risen because I had more time for myself. I was able to become more involved with school outside of academics (i.e. greek life, clubs, community service) and I reconnected with people that I have lost touch with because of being in a relationship.

I was offered a great opportunity to move out on my own for the summer, and I did a lot of self-reflection. Self-reflection was probably the best thing that I have ever done for myself. When I was dating my last boyfriend, I found myself focusing all of my energy on him and what makes him happy. I lost sight of what makes me happy and who I was as a person! There was a point where I was introducing myself as “so and so’s girlfriend” and not “Tori.” Word of advice, if you start to introduce yourself as someone’s significant other, get out of the relationship or reevaluate your priorities. You are a unique individual and you have so much to show for that. Never feel that introducing yourself as someone’s significant other would have more value than introducing yourself to people as yourself.

My parents were high school sweethearts, my brother is about to marry his high school sweetheart, and there are many other examples of high school sweethearts that I have encountered in my life. With that being said, I have felt pressure to seek out my “perfect match” or my “soulmate” at a young age. Since I haven’t, it lowered my self-confidence and I felt that maybe I wouldn't end up marrying someone. After a lot of soul-searching, I have found that I am so much happier being single and living my life.

Maybe one day I will find prince charming when I least expect it, but for right now, I am content being on my own and embarking on a journey of self-discovery. For all of the people who are in relationships, I am super excited for you because it is such a cool thing to find your person. For all of the people who are single, you are awesome, you rock, and you deserve all the self-love in the world. Never forget, relationships are not a top priority, you are.

Cover Image Credit: Jonathan Daniels

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