As the summer comes to a close and the beginning of school is just around the corner, I'd like to talk about something summer related that is near and dear to my heart: being a camp counselor. If I could describe working as a camp counselor in one word it would have to be "life-changing." Seriously, though, if you ever have the opportunity to work as a camp counselor, you need to take it. Not only is it an amazing experience, but it's also fun! Here are my top ten reasons why:

1. The friendships you make with your fellow staff (and sometimes even campers) will last a lifetime.

You can't help but count down the days till the start of the camp season next year to spend the whole summer with your best friends.

2. You get to spend your summer feeling like a kid again.

I mean, what could be better than hanging around with kids all day? Just because you're a counselor doesn't mean you can't join the fun and games the campers play.

3. The campers look up to you as their role model.

They may ask your advice or confide in you or even ask you to do their hair when time for council fire rolls around. They hope that when they get older they can be camp counselors as well.

4. The endless memories to be made.

You'll find yourself telling your friends at home, "This one time at camp..." and even if it may annoy them, it could never be annoying to you.

5. Technology doesn't rule your life.

You get to spend a few weeks for the most part disconnected from the social media world and it never gets better than that.

6. You are making a difference.

Instead of spending your summer at some boring job you can't stand, you are spending it making a difference in campers' lives and learning lifelong lessons.

7. You'll learn to appreciate the small things.

Such as chatting and playing games with your cabins at ungodly hours of the night.

8. Camp is a judgement free zone.

You won't feel pressured to get all dressed up or put on makeup for the day. No one at camp will care or even notice if your hair isn't brushed or you have your glasses on.

9. It helps with leadership skills.

Whether it be running your own class or just being in charge of an evening activity, you will gain experience and confidence in being a leader.

10. Camp will become your home away from home.

Most people would argue that Walt Disney World is the happiest place on earth, but I beg to differ, and would have to say that camp is.

My last few summers as a camp counselor have been some of the best summers of my life and I have my directors, co-counselors, and campers to thank for that. I truly hope I've encouraged some of you to work as a camp counselor (at least once in your life) and if you already do, I hope you feel the same way about it as I do: life changing.