1. He was your first number one fan.

As soon as you were born, your brother looked at you in absolute awe. There are numerous pictures of him holding you as a baby, a large smile plastered on his face. Every time you walk into your parents house and see those pictures, you can't help but smile.

2. He is always there to protect you.

Even when you insist that you're okay on your own, your brother has always been there to back you up. Whether it was asking your parents for dessert before dinner, or drying your eyes when other girls were mean to you, your brother was the one to hold you up.

3. He was there when your friends weren't.

Only you and your brother will remember the rainy days that you spent inside shooting each other with your NERF guns, or sat inside watching "Star Trek" reruns. When your friends from school weren't around, your brother always was there for you to hang out with.

4. The only person you feel 100 percent comfortable with is your brother.

Because you know you'd be embarrassed if you left your bra in the sink at someone else's house.

5. He's always been a good teacher.

You can credit him for teaching you to tie your shoes, or maybe helping you with algebra, but your brother was the person that taught you which family members to avoid, why we put extra napkins on his side of the dinner table, and that just because your different doesn't mean you're weird.

6. Nobody else understands your family.

Through all the crazy family get-togethers, road trips, and strange dinner conversations, the only other person that remembers and can relate is your brother. You both will always treasure the memories of your family's river house, and the days you spent more time in the water than on land.

7. You know each other too well.

Whether or not you like to admit it, you and your brother know each other better than anyone else. He can always tell instantly when something is bothering you, and is there to cheer you up as soon as you need him. He knows everything from when you're lying to when you woke up craving Chinese food.

8. He is the standard that your future husband must live up to.

Yes, he's gross and obnoxious. But your brother is truly an amazing man and there's no way to deny it. Every guy you meet is instantly going to be compared to him, and if you think your brother wouldn't like him, then neither do you.

9. He doesn't go easy on you.

Sure, there were times when you wish that he would have let you win in air hockey or in basketball, but when it comes down to it he is always pushing you to be better. When you think that you're doing all that you can, your brother was there to challenge you and show you that you can do anything you set your mind to (even if he still beats you in Mortal Kombat half of the time).

10. You will always love each other unconditionally.

No matter what happens or where in the world you are, you know that your brother will always be there to pick up the phone when you call. And there's nothing in this world that can compare to his friendship.