The "B'Low Optimal Art Opening" is an upcoming art exhibit presented by newcomer visionaries and photographers, entitled The Other Asia, comprised of Alex Motter, May Lee, and myself. This event will be held in CSI 488 on Friday, March 3rd, 2017, and will showcase the photography taken by the three of us on a random San Antonio Saturday.

1. Real, authentic, genuine, photos.

Our pictures have been taken by organic photographers in real, hole-the-wall, gentrified San Antonio locations.

2. Classy drinks for a classy event.

Sparkling grape juice will be served in red solo cups, optional straws will be provided.

3. Live music.

Connie Laing will be playing cultural music on her bongos.

4. An interactive component will be involved.

By allowing post its to be available, visitors are encouraged to edit images as well as write their own six word interpretation of the photography.

6. Digital gallery website.

After the exhibit is over, the gallery will still be available for viewing for those that would like to experience it again or missed the first time.

7. Making art out of "non art"

8. We offer commentary on many important social issues.

This event discusses the grimy truth of the American Dream, gentrification, social media and the glass ceiling.

9. Black tie event.

Although black tie isn't encouraged, wearing all black outfits is reccommended.

10. It's official because we have a Facebook event.