10 Reasons Why Alaska Is The Best State
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10 Reasons Why Alaska Is The Best State

After all, they do pay you to live there!

10 Reasons Why Alaska Is The Best State
Michael DeYoung

Alaska: The Last Frontier. I could list about twenty more reasons why Alaska is the most wonderful place in the U.S., but I figure short and sweet is the better way to go. If you have never been to Alaska before, I highly encourage you to at least visit. Here's why:

1. Wildlife is everywhere

Moose, bald eagles, bears, lynx, caribou, whales, and many more exciting animals to see! The wildlife in Alaska aren't shy, either. It is not uncommon to see a moose hanging around the strip mall or a bald eagle fly right over your car. Be careful, though, as there are multiple moose and bear related car accidents every day in Alaska. Watch the sides of the roads, and don't get too close! Needless to say, the wildlife is breathtaking, and you will see an Alaskan animal roaming in just about any town you go to in Alaska!

2. Clean, fresh air

Coming from a small farming town from Illinois, I could definitely tell a change in atmosphere in Alaska. Ask anyone who has been to the last frontier and they will agree that the air is always fresh, crisp, and clean. It feels so nice to be around unpolluted air that doesn't smell like a factory. Take a deep breath in, and enjoy the crisp air!

3. Wide Diversity/Interesting People

If you run into an Alaskan local, ask them to tell you some stories and you will almost always be entertained. Alaskans have some crazy stories to tell and interesting personalities. Alaska is also very diverse in race and culture, which makes this state all the more different and exciting! The locals are usually very friendly and willing to help.


Alaska is known for its fresh fish and unique restaurants. Vegetables are grown and sold/cooked freshly. The soil is very rich and full of nutrients, so vegetables are very easily (and deliciously) grown. There are tons of small, quirky, family owned restaurants to chose from. Although I don't eat meat, everyone who has been to Alaska has said that they have the best fresh fish in the world! All of their fish are caught right from Alaska's shorelines. I have never been to a disappointing restaurant in Alaska.

5. Away from Nonsense (Quiet)

Surprisingly, many people who live in Alaska chose to move there because of its serenity and quietness. It is extremely peaceful, and perfect for a vacation or even a home! Alaska is connected to Canada and is disconnected from all other 49 states. With all of the nonsense, fear, and attacks in America, why not go far away from it all without having to move countries? (Although, if you decide to drive, you will have to get a passport to go through Canada!)

6. Beautiful Scenery is Inescapable

Everywhere you go in Alaska, there is some kind of beautiful scenery to look at. Whether it's breathtaking mountain ranges, gorgeous arctic beaches, a snow covered tundra, or even a cute little Russian town, Alaska is filled with beauty. It is wherever you turn. It is a very photogenic state!

7. Unlimited fun activities

There are tons of activities for people to enjoy for all ages. Indoor water parks, ice-skating, and awesome stores and shops are just a few of the activities indoors. There are far more outdoor activities, though, as it's always fun to play in Alaska's beauty. Some of these include: white water rafting, hiking, fishing (which is an extreme sport in Alaska), kayaking, and skiing. There are many more fun places and things to see and do in America's largest state.

8. Mad respect for the land

Alaska's residents take their home to heart, and really care about their land. On my 3 hour drive from Anchorage to Kenai, Alaska, I saw multiple signs warning to watch for moose, report illegal dumping or littering, and to protect the environment. It gave me hope. Very rarely will you see littering or disrespect towards the wildlife. It is wonderful to see how much Alaskans really appreciate the land they live on. (They are also very responsible in using their natural resources).


It seems crazy to think of no bugs during the summer, but other than mosquitoes, I have never seen a single bug in Alaska. NONE! This is because Alaska is too cold throughout the year to be homes for many bugs. The bugs and insects that do live there are tiny or microscopic. They more than likely will not harm you. No spiders or other creepy-crawlers in the last frontier! However, watch out during the summer because the mosquitoes are huge!

10. It is unforgettable

Not going to lie, I actually cried when I had to leave. You will never forget the beautiful animals, natural scenes, and amazing people you have witnessed in Alaska. The summer weather is always cool and relaxing, and if you are a winter fan, it is cold year round! There is no other place in America like Alaska. It is intensely breathtaking and it is one trip you will never want to leave. Maybe if you're like me, you won't!

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