10 Reasons 2005 Pride And Prejudice Is A Cinematic Masterpiece
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10 Reasons 2005 Pride And Prejudice Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

For the Jane Austen lovers out there.

10 Reasons 2005 Pride And Prejudice Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

When a young person thinks of romance, it ought to be considered a crime should they not regard Jane Austen's classic Pride and Prejudice as a stunning example of such. And when they think of Pride and Prejudice, it is for no small reason that they will most likely think of Joe Wright's 2005 rendition of the classic. The movie is one of the most rewatchable, swoon-worthy, and cinematically perfect movies to exist, and this post is dedicated to its celebration.

Here are 10 highlights from such a masterpiece as this.

1. Mr. Darcy is 6'2. And has impeccable sideburns. I wish he WOULD.

As if any 19th century English woman could deny Matthew Mcfadyen's face having inordinately fine features.

2. "You have bewitched me body and soul," right, okay, go ahead and dropkick me into the ocean.

Romance will live on, kicking and screaming, as long as this scene exists.

3. Lizzy Bennet is a feminist icon. Turning down two marriage proposals because the matches compromised her morals, all while holding out for true love, although wholly unconcerned at the prospect of it not presenting itself to her? Sounds like a woman with autonomy to me, and Kiera Knightly is a wonderful likeness of our vivacious heroine.

How Darcy was able to seriously say she isn't handsome enough to tempt him is beyond me.

4. This scene.

The drama! The tension! The conflicted feelings!

5. The fact that Mr. Collins has the only haircut absurd enough to suit him.

A mullet. He has a mullet.

6. The drama of this scene. Lizzy: is dramatic. Me: Lizzy, you're doing great sweetie!

How in the world did the camera vault off the cliff like that... cinematic magic.

7. Let's take one moment to admire the care with which every scene was arranged.

The colors and the symmetry: heavy, contented sigh for aesthetics.

8. Bingley. Just our overly sweet, overly accommodating, hilariously earnest, and sometimes-not-the-brightest Bingley.

9. The costumes.

I just want to take one moment to admire the costume department for dressing each one of the Bennet gals in personality-appropriate attire? We have our dearest angel Jane in soft, pretty colors, for the delicacy and innocence with which she approaches life. Then we have Lizzy, who is known for her sense and personality, the only one not adorned in a hat, also wearing drab clothing to showcase how her liveliness of spirit, does not depend on extravagance. Then we have Kitty and Lydia, in bright, silly colors and lots of frills and ribbons to demonstrate their frivolity, as well as Mrs. Bennet, who is more extravagantly dressed than any of them. And last we have our Mary, who is all things solemnity and erudite, dressed sensibly in dark earth tones.

10. The Scene:

The best sex scene in cinematic history. Dare to argue?

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